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Spare a thought for those poor billionaires in China

2 weeks ago this article appeared in news website Coin Jazeera Extract taken from CoinJazeera article..: (not 100% sure of the accuracy of this writing but if true, is amazing! The trouble is I don’t think Warren Buffet would talk like that – see full article where he reckons big fake tits are a better investment – and the title is technically wrong as China are seeking the extradition from USA of Justin Sun; not extraditing him to somewhere, bad use of English)

CoinJazeera Article

The Chinese Communist party, known for imprisoning, torturing, and killing its wealthy citizens who screw up or flaunt their wealth, was eager to imprison the arrogant Mr. Sun and make him a statistic. In 2011 there were 115 billionaires in China. Since then, 72 have mysteriously died, with 15 murders, 17 suicides, 7 accidental deaths, 19 from illness, and another 14 executed for being ugly. Our reporters wondered if the fact that Justin Sun is still alive is because he’s not actually a billionaire or if he is just too good looking.

“Man of the Year” GQ China 2017
Our reporters have learned that several people connected to Justin Sun and TRON have disappeared or died under suspicious circumstances over the past year. Star Xu, CEO of the OKcoin exchange, which listed TRON, used to be all over the International Crypto circuit, until one day, no one ever saw or heard from him again. Rumor has it that he was sentenced to a lifetime of manual labor on a clickfarm farming gold in World of WarCraft for Brendan Blumer’s new sweatshop. Stanford professor and founder of Blockchain VC firm Dahua Capital, Shoucheng Zhang, was an investor in TRON, but died in a suspicious “suicide” last year, falling off a parking lot structure, most likely for refusing to return to China and kiss the tip of the penis of the Communist party. Could this be the fate of Justin Sun? 

Never forget – Tiananmen Square!

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Maybe Don’t Use Aluminium Cladding

Aluminium is the propellant that gets the space shuttle into space!! It is just about the most powerful explosive you can get, hence why NASA used it powdered in the “solid fuel” booster rockets. This type of stuff needs to be subjected to some strenuous fire department testing. Like say putting an acetylene torch on the stuff for 60 seconds or similar.
Aluminium Cladding
Aluminium Cladding

A poignant post on Facebook from Rachel Moidart inspired this post:

This is what happens when ACP cladding ignites. It produced poisonous arsenic smoke that kills people before the fire even gets to them. It goes up like plastic explosives and the smoke poisons the land. Fletchers have recently been fined $30,000,000 dollars by Sky City for using ACP panelling on a development in Hobson Street. Aluminium Composite Panelling contributed to the high casualty rate and rapid spread of fire in Grenfell Tower, London.

I grew up in Latimer Road and we lost 72 people from our community. I have recently been involved in the struggle to protect Ihumatao from developers. Ihumatao is sacred land with ancient stone walled gardens and burial caves which was stolen from Maori in Auckland New Zealand. Fletchers are planning to put houses in this land. They are building a factory to pre fab two story town houses.

We have to ask what they are using to build the houses with. Most likely plastic composite panelling if it is being pre fabricated in a factory. They might not feel the need to change their practices if the building is only two stories as the current assessment of ACP as a fire risk only covers high rise buildings, where it may be difficult to jump out of a window should the building catch fire.

Unless we pressure the government to ban ALL ACP PANELLING it will not happen. In the UK the inquiry is still underway with NO RECOMMENDATIONS BEING MADE AS OF TODAY. We are still waiting for the results of the report which were due in spring and will be delayed. Nobody has been charged despite evidence that they knowingly compromised the lives of the residents.

This is a serious issue and is framed by social cleansing, gentrification and managed decline of social housing areas. The land under Grenfell Tower is now contaminated with arsenic and other toxic chemicals from the burning ACP panels. We need to stop Fletchers destroying heritage land and protect the environment.

Buildings made out of ACP ARE NOT FIT FOR HUMAN HABITATION AND ARE A LIABILITY, they endanger people’s lives. Low income families who have to live in these cheap houses are at risk. The environment and generations to come are at risk. The council still deems buildings with ACP as safe and Fletcher’s has demonstrated no responsibility to ensure the safety of residents either. It is time to ask the difficult questions and stop ACP poisoning the land for generations to come.


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I’ve asked our government to solve the problem with high frequency trading

Specifically, high frequency trading could be eliminated by packetising the buy/sell orders into blocks;

Let’s say each block is 200 milliseconds (fifth of a second), then it wouldn’t matter if “mom and pop” investors trades show up 1 millisecond past the hour or 198 milliseconds late because you’d:
  • trading is queued and done in batches each 200 ms
  • this automatically makes it impossible to do spoofing, your order is now live for 200 ms
  • better returns for investors due to less value taken by HFT (high frequency traders)
  • buy/sell announcements are published at same 200 ms delay
  • all market participants have time to react, and send orders inside 200 ms, equally.
  • those close to the market get less benefit now
  • normal traders aren’t having their order queues jumped by their broker
This would eliminate any advantage from low latency network links to the exchange etc, and reduce or eliminate the time window for inside trading – say from stock agents who jump the queue to push up the price after seeing a large order come through – due to a privilege position in the network topology.
Some interesting articles about it:
My feeling is that it does not add value; does not help “set a price” or provide liquidity; and does not contribute to a fair market where all investors are on even basis.
ps my trace to (Russian Parliament) below shows round trip times of around 300 milliseconds
➜  app git:(master) ✗ traceroute
traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
 1  orcon.home (  1.327 ms  0.618 ms  0.768 ms NORTH SHORE AUCKLAND
 2 (  13.205 ms  13.037 ms  12.992 ms
 3 (  13.697 ms  13.526 ms  13.471 ms TRANZPEER
 4 (  13.782 ms  15.875 ms  13.598 ms
 5 (  14.621 ms  14.491 ms  14.930 ms LAST AUCKLAND HOP
 6 (  151.262 ms  149.242 ms  149.990 ms SYDNEY
 7 (  151.126 ms  150.284 ms  151.631 ms SYDNEY
 8 (  150.154 ms  152.647 ms  149.808 ms HONG KONG
 9 (  158.102 ms  152.147 ms  151.961 ms HONG KONG
10 (  287.067 ms  287.401 ms  285.871 ms ROTTERDAM HOLLAND
11 (  308.557 ms  308.487 ms  307.929 ms HOLLAND
12 (  307.962 ms  306.682 ms  306.723 ms RUSSIA
13 (  307.763 ms  309.648 ms  307.587 ms
14  *^C
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Time for some Zen and Motorcycle Repairs

I need a bike repair person.

snapped clutch
starter button switch


battery cover – missing!
seat leather

I need to fix a few things:

  • starter button mostly
  • replace clutch handle (off brand is OK)
  • new battery
  • battery cover would be good
  • seat repair (optional)
  • WOF and lube + oil change and filter + grease and lube etc

Currently in Parnell area.

Speaking of Zen and books

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The problem with Islam: Boobs and Bacon

There I said it. Come at me Jihadists!! I’m easy to find and ready to go, bursting with breast bacon energy.

Thing is I’m pretty good with the dudes at the mosque in my street. It’s within fake breast throwing distance I reckon from mine.

A women’s liberation movement would be great for Islam wouldn’t it? Actually all women would benefit from the freedom to bare the tits at the beach like men can to cool off, I love doing that on a hot day. It’s nice to not feel guilty when you are trying to feed your baby also, that’s so mean of people I can’t understand how they could say that to a women – not saying I’ve ever seen a Muslim saying that so to their credit they win there. But breastfeeding should never be disallowed under *any* circumstances; just kick the pair out if need be on your movie set or whatever if it’s an issue, speak with HR or the police  (homeless breastfeeding).

Seriously though breastfeeding homeless people should be left in peace. Not that such a person could lactate, but just saying. Don’t hassle homeless people like that, they clearly have enough issues to deal with right?

However… bacon? That shit is tasty! I’m a vegan at heart but have eyes for tasty food. I once ordered a vegetarian pizza with meat added. And 50% of greenhouse effect is food production, so forget fossil fuels, if you wanna save the world then either going vegan or killing yourself is truly the only way to save the planet*. Check it. 200x more nitrous oxide from that than cars. It’s more than planes, trains, ships etc the entire transportation industry combined is equal to food production, mostly non-vegan.

Still though that shit is tasty. So before you have children or top yourself or get blown up or die naturally – try some bacon and boobs!

The developed worlds pop

PS the belief in the afterlife is the cause of all suffering on this planet. If everyone gave it up – less war. Still though it’s nice though I agree. And I hate the thought police as

* Actually no need western societies are already in decline worldwide, 3rd world religions should theoretically win-out over English speakers long term perhaps see:

In a mature urban society, the economic value of children declines. In fact, children turn from instruments of production into objects of massive consumption. In urban industrial society, not only are the opportunities for employment at an early age diminished, but the educational requirements also expand dramatically. Children need to be supported much longer, sometimes into their mid-20s. Children cost a tremendous amount of money with limited return, if any, for parents. Thus, people have fewer children. Birth control merely provided the means for what was an economic necessity. For most people, a family of eight children would be a financial catastrophe. Therefore, women have two children or fewer, on average. As a result, the population contracts. Of course, there are other reasons for this decline, but urban industrialism is at the heart of it. From:
I guess it all depends on:
  • upcoming wars
  • whether the 3rd world gets “high quality”education whatever that is
    • whether this correlates with reduced birth rates like it does in developed world
  • whether urbanisation occurs and also kills off the birth rate
  • borders and their control