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Maybe Don't Use Aluminium Cladding

Aluminium is the propellant that gets the space shuttle into space!! It is just about the most powerful explosive you can get, hence why NASA used it powdered in the "solid fuel" booster rockets. This type of stuff needs to be subjected to some strenuous fire department testing. Like say putting an acetylene torch on the stuff for 60 seconds or similar.
Aluminium Cladding

Aluminium Cladding


A poignant post on Facebook from Rachel Moidart inspired this post:

This is what happens when ACP cladding ignites. It produced poisonous arsenic smoke that kills people before the fire even gets to them. It goes up like plastic explosives and the smoke poisons the land. Fletchers have recently been fined $30,000,000 dollars by Sky City for using ACP panelling on a development in Hobson Street. Aluminium Composite Panelling contributed to the high casualty rate and rapid spread of fire in Grenfell Tower, London.

I grew up in Latimer Road and we lost 72 people from our community. I have recently been involved in the struggle to protect Ihumatao from developers. Ihumatao is sacred land with ancient stone walled gardens and burial caves which was stolen from Maori in Auckland New Zealand. Fletchers are planning to put houses in this land. They are building a factory to pre fab two story town houses.

We have to ask what they are using to build the houses with. Most likely plastic composite panelling if it is being pre fabricated in a factory. They might not feel the need to change their practices if the building is only two stories as the current assessment of ACP as a fire risk only covers high rise buildings, where it may be difficult to jump out of a window should the building catch fire.

Unless we pressure the government to ban ALL ACP PANELLING it will not happen. In the UK the inquiry is still underway with NO RECOMMENDATIONS BEING MADE AS OF TODAY. We are still waiting for the results of the report which were due in spring and will be delayed. Nobody has been charged despite evidence that they knowingly compromised the lives of the residents.

This is a serious issue and is framed by social cleansing, gentrification and managed decline of social housing areas. The land under Grenfell Tower is now contaminated with arsenic and other toxic chemicals from the burning ACP panels. We need to stop Fletchers destroying heritage land and protect the environment.

Buildings made out of ACP ARE NOT FIT FOR HUMAN HABITATION AND ARE A LIABILITY, they endanger people’s lives. Low income families who have to live in these cheap houses are at risk. The environment and generations to come are at risk. The council still deems buildings with ACP as safe and Fletcher’s has demonstrated no responsibility to ensure the safety of residents either. It is time to ask the difficult questions and stop ACP poisoning the land for generations to come.


Posted by tomachi on June 1st, 2019 filed in Business, Environment, Politics