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Dear Google, please let me pay to remove ads on Youtube

I’d like to be able to load up by Youtube account with some prepay credit, and then allow this to bleed out to Google at the eCPM rate for the video and my demographic in question.

So if I watch videos that don’t earn much for Google from CPC click throughs I could watch for a long time before my credit expires, versus high quality content that may have higher value ads and earnings using up more of my credit faster.

Perhaps the rate could be a discount on the actual eCPM to play fair. Another idea could be to provide a link under the clip which shows which ads were suppressed and how much you just paid to suppress them.

Saves having to install an ad blocker on every machine I use, and when I’m logged in, I can enjoy watching Youtube like I can with Spotify Premium – no ads.

I’d call it PPP payment – pay per peace. They’ll probably call it Youtube Premium like Spotify did. Actually I just checked and Youtube does have a bunch of “premium channels”. Note quite my idea tho.

“Pay to go ad free on youtube”


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“Favela On Blast” Movie Review

That movie was bloody brilliant. Highly recommended. Great insight into Brazilian “Baile Funk” music, this actually totally explains the weird amounts of traffic I was getting off Google from Brazil for my “funk” ad campaign… the genre is more like hardcore miami bass dubstep hip hop battle music with scorching insulting Portuguese lyrics than funk if you get the drift. Also interesting to see how the music is made for specific favela’s and doesn’t travel to other favelas; like whereby a popular MC couldn’t travel and play outside his favela due to risk of death.

Best quote from the film: “Bass my friend, people like bass” 🙂

Official site:

Favela On Blast – Official Trailer from Mad Decent on Vimeo.