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Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices PDF Mirror

Book by Patrick Kelly.

The NSA must stop suppressing alternative energy devices as bogus National Security classifications.

Today, many people have managed to tap this energy but very few commercial devices are readily available for home use. The reason for this is human rather than technical. More than 10,000 Americans have produced devices or ideas for devices but none have reached commercial production due to opposition from influential people who do not want such devices freely available. One technique is to classify a device as “essential to US National Security”. If that is done, then the developer is prevented from speaking to anyone about the device, even if he has a patent. He cannot produce or sell the device even though he invented it. Consequently, you will find many patents for perfectly workable devices if you were to put in the time and effort to locate them, though most of these patents never see the light of day, having been taken for their own use, by the people issuing these bogus “National Security” classifications.

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Posted by tomachi on June 25th, 2018 filed in Science