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Terms of your Vodafone Sky Agreement

Someone mentioned the terms so I checked them out – amazing how it seems to give Vodafone carte blanch to do meta data analysis of you and your household’s use of products and services. Could this include opening up some data packets – using layer 4 deep packet inspection – so detect and log which website URLs are being visited? Perhaps… since they also say “from other sources and by other means”. I suppose your internet connection could form part of the other means. For example use of BitTorrent or Youtube versus say Ted Talks and iTunes Store mite cause your “anonymous” record to be entered into an interest category marketing group. You also authorise them to telemarket to you and use your contacts details for such.  Finally it allows them to sell pruned versions of the meta data about you to third parties for them to contact you, even after your termination so long as it is legal whatever that means… I suspect the pruned, cleansed data is enriched using demographic analysing technology with access to internet use stats and Sky channel choice inputs.

You authorise us to collect information about you and/or your household (including information about the products and services you and/or your household use) from time to time from you and from other sources and by other means. You authorise us to use and/or disclose to third parties such information for the purposes of communicating with you and your household in relation to this contract, responding to any claims or complaints made by you or any member of your household, cooperating with any Government, regulatory or industry authority, marketing and promoting our and/or third party products and services to you and your household, market research, generating and providing statistical analysis and rating information, credit checking and control and debt collection (which includes logging overdue debts and/or liquidated damages you owe us with credit reference agencies). You acknowledge and agree that such information may be held by us both before and after termination of this contract but only for so long as we are legally entitled to use the information for the above purposes.

Source: (Downloaded Sunday 24 April 2016)

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Investing in Green Tech

I personally love the idea of investing in Green Tech. The government needs to setup a “clearing house” website where all the available options are indexed and catalogued.

For example, I understand in NZ the government has provided:

  • interest free loans for solar power?
  • insulation support?
  • no road user charges for 4 years for electrics (heck make is 20 years!)?

I reckon 5 to 8 years would have been better to allow companies to justify some serious expenditure on electrics and hyrbid.

Also, where is the support for Bio Fuels?

I would like to see:

  • No parking fees for hybrids / electrics / and ultra-low emissions vehicles
  • Link bus frequency dropped from 10mins to 9mins peak hour, and from 20mins down to 18mins off peak.
  • Force power retailers by law to pay house-hold generators the full retail price for power reversal (not the wholesale rate).
  • A weekly lottery – each week someone gets a full-on 5kw solar panel and grid-synchroniser setup for their home: so they can sell power back to the grid.
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How are share prices set?

This description is taken from The Intelligent Investor in Australia… However I am not sure if it is accurate – what do you think? Make a comment below, or get in touch via my Contact Form if you have anything to add!

How are share prices set when the stock market opens each day?

Date: 9 Apr 99

How are share prices set when the market opens each day? The opening price of each share or security at the start of each day is really a call auction that matches overlapping orders at a single price (also used by the SEATS trading system to start trades in a new listing). Buy and sell orders are entered in time and price priority and so overlapping orders are matched and the weighted average price is calculated and assigned to all the shares as the opening price. Often at the opening of trade for a new listing buyers and sellers jockey for positions to either maximise the sell price or minimize the entry price. Some ‘smart’ cookies got it very wrong at the opening of trade for AMP with some very spurious results and some buyers got stuck with stock at well over the $30 mark, perhaps a case of being too quick off the mark.