Has anyone in palliative care industry seen an uptick in the use of Midazolam to euthanize loved ones and label it a COVID death?! Probably not many actually - unlike in the UK and USA were the evidence is emmerging of it being used to top rest home victims and label it COVID. Put Midazolam into Google News and take a look, here is some headlines:

Why? Seems so they can inflate COVID deaths numbers. *It took 5 years* before they discovered a side effect of Thalidomide: major birth defects. More recently we realized a breast cancer test had a high false positive rate (like PCR) and to triple check before you lop off your lady-lumps. rt-PCR is the new technology of wonder that sucked the world in. In Hiroshima / Nagasaki, while leukemia deaths peaked in 1950, solid cancers only peaked in 2010 - 60 years after the nuclear bomb was detonated there! I think by now it is quite clear we will look back on this period and FACE-PALM ourselves unconscious. Not to mention the criminal misconduct re: Midazolam et al + Gaviscon for the stomach cancer + medical experiment + censorship. This is Ghey-Balls indiocracy. Democratic dictatorship. Fight the power. [show less]

Midazolam molecule

Posted by tomachi on October 28th, 2021 filed in Politics