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A potential mathematical solution to the question: 432 hz or 440 hz?

There exist 14 numbers below fifty that you can multiply up to reach 432 without the use of fractions. The number 440 has not a single whole integer factor below 50, and the only factor that isn’t some recurring irrational number is 27 x 27.5 = 440. Compare this with 432 which has a whopping 14 factors in the full list at bottom of this article but they are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 16, 18, 24, 27, 36, 48. They even share the number 27 as a common factor.

432 vs 440
Whats better? 432 or 440 hz for the tuning of concert pitch middle A.

It always partly annoyed me to hear that certain frequencies possibly had special significance in the universe.. more so than say other frequencies.

Because frequencies are measured in hertz – cycles per second – and a second aint no thang – it’s just an 86400th fraction of a solar day, which by the way is 4 minutes longer than Earth’s actual rotation time, which I guess must be about 23 hours 56 minutes:

the time taken by the earth to rotate on its axis relative to the stars, is almost four minutes shorter than the solar day because of the earth’s orbital motion.

To put another way, it is not special nature of the universe type thing. It’s artbitrary. And it is getting longer each day so I don’t see why it would have any special significance. Time is something we project on the universe not the other way round. If anything I’d pick the Schumann resonance of 7.83 Hertz but that’s hardly an even number nor needs to be.

The Schumann resonances  are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.

The length of the second is changing: Earth doesn’t rotate uniformly. In fact, it’s rotation decreases being late by 20 millionths of a second every calendar year due to tidal friction caused by the Moon. Currently it is increasing the length of the day by about 2.3 milliseconds per century. A million years from now the day will be about an hour longer.


Factor 432 440
1 432 1.018518519
2 216 2.037037037
3 144 3.055555556
4 108 4.074074074
5 86.4 5.092592593
6 72 6.111111111
7 61.71428571 7.12962963
8 54 8.148148148
9 48 9.166666667
10 43.2 10.18518519
11 39.27272727 11.2037037
12 36 12.22222222
13 33.23076923 13.24074074
14 30.85714286 14.25925926
15 28.8 15.27777778
16 27 16.2962963
17 25.41176471 17.31481481
18 24 18.33333333
19 22.73684211 19.35185185
20 21.6 20.37037037
21 20.57142857 21.38888889
22 19.63636364 22.40740741
23 18.7826087 23.42592593
24 18 24.44444444
25 17.28 25.46296296
26 16.61538462 26.48148148
27 16 27.5
28 15.42857143 28.51851852
29 14.89655172 29.53703704
30 14.4 30.55555556
31 13.93548387 31.57407407
32 13.5 32.59259259
33 13.09090909 33.61111111
34 12.70588235 34.62962963
35 12.34285714 35.64814815
36 12 36.66666667
37 11.67567568 37.68518519
38 11.36842105 38.7037037
39 11.07692308 39.72222222
40 10.8 40.74074074
41 10.53658537 41.75925926
42 10.28571429 42.77777778
43 10.04651163 43.7962963
44 9.818181818 44.81481481
45 9.6 45.83333333
46 9.391304348 46.85185185
47 9.191489362 47.87037037
48 9 48.88888889
49 8.816326531 49.90740741
50 8.64 50.92592593

I believe the great Pythagoras was well aware of such matters, hence his choice of 432.

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Wattstax ’73 Baby Fist Pump

Cute baby does Black Rights fist pump at Wattstax festival 1973.


This frame taken from the documentary on Youtube:

Wattstax – Full Documentary (1973) – subtítulos español

and by the way, if you are into that stuff, you DEFINITELY wanna be checking out this James Brown doco below. It is the best doco on JB I have ever seen…

Soul Survivor – The James Brown Story


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Wedding Riders and Contracts

Wedding Gigs

As a band, wedding gigs can be quite an effort – you have to be on your best behaviour for the couples special day.


I did this gig at a very fancy estate once, a wedding reception. It would be the first gig for our new covers band, I was sold on the idea with a $200 payment and promise of dinner and drinks and a fun evening and party.

We did a bunch of practises through the summer and later nearer to the gig we found out that only two of the band who knew the bride and groom personally would be getting dinner since it was $200 each per head to provide this service. Fair enough I agree in fact that it would result in a doubling of the price paid for the band (a 7 piece) to play the gig in theory going from 1.4k to 2.8k. Also we didn’t know the bride and groom so makes sense. Cool.

So we agreed to still do it – as a reasonable show of good faith though it was agreed the band would get a platter and 5 beers each as a rider. Also cool, slightly less cool that originally thought, but still do-able.

Then we get to the gig. It was lovely. This place is incredible. I’m gonna keep the exact location secret for this blog, but it had some amazing plants and gardens and the house was awesome. I was enjoying it, and had got their relatively early compared with the other band mates.

I had already acquainted myself out with the surroundings and had just made it to the bar during speeches for a glass of Wine. I noticed two more of the band had started to arrive and got 2 beers for them. We continued to setup. More members arrived, but still no rider over an hour after our original side of stage call time, about 8.36pm.

I thought I would be a good dude and go and sort them out some drinks also – after all there was some spare time and everyone else was living it up in a luxurious environment! I’m not gonna lie in that I did feel a tiny bit jealous of all the other guests having fun and the guys in the band who didn’t appear to be getting looked after in such a rich environment. The wedding must not have been cheap.

Instead of going to the bar like before, I went into the kitchen to try and find out if the rider could be brought out ready to greet the band when they arrived, and met the owner/manager who I’ll call Mr Big Stuff. He said he’d bring it out after we played, and I commented that it would not be OK since by that time the whole gig is over and it’s like I’ll just have one beer and go. It would be best if he could please bring it out ASAP so we could have a couple of beers during the performance.

He agreed and I could hear them discussing putting beers on ice ready for when the rest of band arrived.

Later the band arrived, but not the rider.

I raised this once again with Mr Big Stuff who was now getting pretty clearly agitated with me on the 3rd visit. We had a verbal altercation in fact. I told him it was part of our contract (it was technically). It turns out that this agreement was never communicated properly up the chain (band manager -> wedding planning -> venue owner), leading to the breakdown of communications, I can see this now. In his eyes he didn’t owe us anything and wanted to charge us for drinks. Thing is he didn’t seem to know about the agreement at that point, and was not keen to honour the sub-contract (which is fair). I recall a desire for him to come out and meet our band leader but he would not do so, I wish I had pulled him in now, since things got more intense later.

Near the time when we went on, when everyone was onstage in position to play they actually did bring one round of drinks for each person. Hoo-fucking-ray. When that came, I hid behind my drumkit and just listened in to what she said, as I was really over it by then and did not want to discuss beers or riders again. One beer each for the band members she said. If we wanted another just to let them know and all good she said. I kept quiet.

I almost did pay for a drink at the end, curious how by that point they weren’t even selling drinks anymore. 🙂


I once saw a bunch of musicians performing 2 song sets at a bar called Sponge in Ponsonby that closed down later, a dude had organised a “jam” night, but the acts were actually pre-confirmed and on the promo. This chick got onstage to do her set. In-between the songs she started to look really thirsty and said something about how she would really appreciate a beverage (it was clear that it would help since she coughed a little even and being onstage you need a drink ready to go for those vocal chords. There was an awkward silence as she waited to – hopefully – hear the bar staff and/or patrons bring it over but it never happened. I remember my head tilting around the room back to her and then back to the bar to see if they would capitulate, but it never happened. I always thought to myself those cheap bastard scumbags should really have given that girl a drink and the moment stuck with me. Someone from the audience eventually got the poor girl a drink but it was not a good look and I had a word with the bar owner afterwards about it.

The point of this article: I hate stingy bar and venue owners who try to dick bands out of their riders.

Moral of the story: bring your own liquor to certain gigs.

I had planned to and regretted not doing so.

Some other highlights about this dude:

  • Early on when I was discussing it with him, he said he would bring out the drinks after we played.
  • I mentioned it was part of our contract and that we’d need them now thanks
  •  The venue owner seemed to think we were his employees. His venue was actually hired by the wedding party, and was our groups client, so it’s the other way round I would say.
  • Before we went on the first time, I went up to the bar and asked for some beers for the band, they had already been informed about me and not to serve me!
  • As we were all onstage getting ready to play the first set, a porter came up to ask if he could clear away the empty bottles (I’d previously sourced 2 beers from the bar upon first arrival), and I could instantly tell the porter had been sent by Mr Big Stuff. I informed the porter that we (the band) had never been supplied with a single beer (or water). I found it “interesting” that Mr Big would do this.
  • Once through the night they sent a porter out with a set of 1 beer each for some other band. Nice.
  • In the halfway point through the night I made my 2nd approach to the bar – but was informed I needed to pay now as the tab had finished.
  • At the end of the gig, I made my 3rd approach, and was kicked out by management!
  • At this point I didn’t really want to leave any of my gear at the venue, so decided to load up the car with gear and planned to sleep in it to sober up.
  • While waiting in the car park I’m pretty sure they sent their security lady round move me on
  • When I stopped just outside the gates for another rest, on what I assumed must be public road, she came at me again, this time another guy jumped out at me from nowhere quite aggressively which was rather amazing


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How to select all friends for event invites on Facebook

This method worked for me on Chrome / Mac OS, should work on other browsers too:
1. Click Invite Friends on whatever you are inviting people to
2. Make sure All Friends is selected on the left!
3. Scroll ALL the way down until names stop loading (I found it easy to click the first name and then hold down the spacebar or Page Down button)
4. For EVENTS Copy this code:
javascript:var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘_1v30’);
for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) {
console.log(inputs[i].name + ” was clicked”);

5. Paste the code into the URL bar of your browser (where you type website addresses), but WAIT! Check the beginning of the URL bar and make sure the word “javascript:” is there, if it is not, TYPE IT IN! A lot of browsers automatically delete the “javascript:” portion for security purposes. Press enter.
6. For large friends list, this may utilise all your resources and will cause the page to freeze and be unresponsive. Just wait a few minutes until all the names get selected. Click “Wait” instead of terminating the page.

However… as you can see FB wasn’t liking this:

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 1.23.36 am

Now I get this cute bird thing:

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 1.45.31 am

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Mac audio power user tip: my killall script

I wrote a bash shell script that basically shuts down all the programs on my system that aren’t related to doing audio.

Here is the easy to use Mac App:

If you want the source code or to improve on it please do so on Github here! It’s Open Source GP2 license!

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FleetFM Playlist circa god knows when

I found this data-dump while doing a search online on Google for my first album “The Hotel Vermont Sessions” (released 2005), in preparation for the worldwide release of this under my own label that I am setting up. You can buy it from me here, in the meantime if you like.

It is an old copy of the Fleet FM playlist, pretty neat huh? Nice to see my work in there in bold, although the breaks stuff wasn’t me on drums it was a machine. I thought I had better back it up, as I noticed the basically the station is down and the homepage of the site is displaying an error – it was a miracle I was even able to this content out.

!!! (Chk Chk Chk) Myth Takes
339 Massive Crew (NZ) Stable Lane Exclusive
9 Lazy 9 Sweet Jones
Adi Dick (NZ) I Will Not Go (Radio Edit)
Age Pryor (NZ) City Choras
Agent (NZ) Powertrip
Amon Tobin Out From Out Where
Amperzahn (NZ) Enough
Angelique (NZ) Around The World in a Groove
Angelique Kidjo Oyaya
Ann Pascoe (NZ) On The Menu
Architecture In Helsinki Heart It Races
Augustino (NZ) One Day Ever
Aviators (NZ) The Aviators
Aviators Live (NZ) The Aviators Live
Badtown (NZ) Jonny Rude
Baitercell & Schumacher (NZ) The Wall of Bass Technique
Baitercell and Schumacher (NZ) Gimme
Baitercell and Schumaker (NZ) Lock and Load
Balesco 15 Seconds
Balesco 15 Seconds
Bathtub Shitter Dancehall Grind
Batrider Take Me Back
Batrider (NZ) They Said You’re Hideous
Bc and kid redemption street single
Betchadupa (NZ) Weekend (Single)
Big Two Hundred Your Personal Filth
Black Market Fetus/Decider
Blak Twang The Rotten Club
Blindspott (nz) lull (single)
Bloc Party Silent Alarm
Blood Brothers Crimes
Blood Brothers (NZ) Peacock Skeleton With Crooked Feathers
Bodicker The Lion Hearted and The Gallant Man
Bonobo Dial M For Monkey
Boozoo Bajou Juke Joint II
Breaks Co-Op (NZ) The Sound Inside
Breaks Co-Op (NZ) A Place For You
Brendan Branson The Alternative to Love
Bright Eyes (NZ) I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning
Brooke Fraser Whiz Kids Scribe Soane Zed Kiwi Hit Disc 64
Brother J (NZ) Be Bop A Nui
Buck 65 Talkin Honky Blues
Chameleon (NZ) Some Kind Of Monster
Charlie Ash (NZ ) Blood Red Sleeve
Charlie Ash (NZ) Re-Hump Baby Single
Charlie Ash (NZ) Can Can
Chasm (Oz) Cyanide Tip (7”)
Che Fu (NZ) The Navigator
Cherry (NZ) My Love Will Destroy Us
Childrens Hour (NZ) Looking for the Sun
Co Pilgrim Pucker Up Buttercup
coco solid (nz) crime fighters (single)
Collapsing Cities (NZ) Elixir Always
Collapsing Cities (NZ) No Plans Single
Concord Dawn (NZ) Broken Eyes
Concord Dawn (NZ) The Uprising
Conduits of Consumption (NZ) Cok Sucker Blues
Conduits of Konsumption (NZ) Cok
Connan and the Mockasins Live at the Fleet FM Convoy
Connan and the Mockasins (NZ) Naughty Holidays
Connan and the mokasins (nz) fleet party live and rough
Cop Car Cop Car
Cop Car (NZ) Why
Crystal Skulls Blocked Numbers
Cujo Adventures In Foam
Cyphanetik (NZ) Penny Pinching
Cypress Hill Till Death Do Us Part
D4 (NZ) Out of My Head
Daisy Chain Halo
Dan Sperber Complex (NZ) Huia Rd
Danse Macabre (NZ) Between the Lines
Dappled Cities Fly (NZ) Wimbo Park
Darcy Clay(old) Jesus I Was Evil
Dark Tower (NZ) The Dark World
Date Month Year (NZ) Ghost 1
David Yetton (NZ) Stars without Make Up (Single)
Davie G and the Engines of Efficiency (NZ) Soulanoid
dDub (NZ) Awake at Dawn
dDub (NZ) Give It Some Single
dDub (nz) comfort (single)
Definate & Bling (NZ) Jump Up/Dam
Definite & Bling (NZ) Flavourism
Definite and Bling (NZ) Come with me Go get it
Design Floor (NZ) First Edition
Devil Driver The Fury of our Makers Hand
Dick ‘Magik’ Johnson Being Boiled
Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!
Die! Die! Die! (NZ) Year Nine Yeah Shyness Will Get You
Dilated Peoples Expansion Team
Dinosaur Jr (NZ) Crumble Single
Dinosaur Jr. Been There All The Time
Dizzee Rascal Is this Real
Dizzee Rascal Trapped/Imagine
Dj miscarriage kwbb
DJ T-Rock & Squashy Nice Rock and Squash Techniques
Don Julio and The Hispanic Mechanic (NZ) Demo
Don McGlashan (NZ) Warm Hand
Dr. Peril (NZ) Broken
Dr. What (NZ) Dr. What
Ecophonix (NZ) Ecophonix
Elbow (NZ) Leaders of the Free World
Emu (NZ) Companion
Eru Dangerspiel feat. Tiger Cutler (NZ) Sambaskooldropout
Evolver (NZ) Edin
Faboulous More Street Dreams
Fall Heads Roll The Fall
Fanatics (NZ) Buddy
Fang (NZ) Swim Up Stream
Fang (NZ) Somewhere Out There
Fat Boy Slim You’ve Come a Long Way
Fat Freddies Drop (NZ) Based On a True Story
Feelstyle Ain’t Mad At You
Feelstyle (NZ) Break it to Pieces
Fidelen (NZ) Silver Service
Finley Quaye Much More Than Much Love
Five Deez Kommunicator
Fleet Carl Cox Interview Carl Cox
Fly My Pretties (NZ) Live at the Bats
fly my pretties (nz) the return of…
Fly My Pretties (NZ) The Return Of Fly My Pretties
Fog Ether Teeth
Fourth Element (NZ) Raw Nu Inventions
Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand
Funki Porcini Fast Asleep
Furthur Ft. Haze (NZ) Distance
Fuser (NZ) The Rules (Single)
Gahu (NZ) Shell Money
Gang of Four Return the Gift
Gang Of Four Return The Gift
Ghost Club (NZ) Suicide Train
Ghostplane (NZ) Beneath the Sleepy Lagoon
Ghostplane (NZ) Panther Valley Country Club
Gigantic Gigantaphonic Sounds
Ginko (NZ) Ginko
Go Go Rodeo (NZ) The Bright Matter
Golden Axe (NZ) Party Alarm Bells L.P.
Goldenaxe (NZ) Hypercolours
Goldrush The Heart is the Place
Goon (NZ) 3 Piece of Love
Goretex The Art of Dying
Grand Prix (NZ) Terraplane Twilight
Grand Prix (NZ) The Way of the Racer
Grandaddy Excerpts from the diary of Todd Zilla
Grande Cobra (NZ) Blood Libel Hearts in the Basement
Greg Johnson (NZ) Don’t be the One (Single)
Grenade Kills (NZ) Grenade Kills
Happy Mondays Jellybean
Hayley J Hansell (NZ) The Enemy (Single)
Hint Portakabin Fever
Homelife Flying Wonders
Hot Chip The Warning
Hot Swiss Mistress (NZ) The Method of Being a Happy Man
House of Dolls (NZ) House of Dolls
House Of Dolls (NZ) Touch With Knives
Houston I Like That
Iggy Pop The Best Of- Nude and Rude
Infinite Flying Kick (NZ) Checkmate
Jaga Jazzist A Living Room Hush
Jahlicious (NZ) Want
Jakob (NZ) Safety in Numbers (Single)
James Duncan (NZ) Mirror Minor
Jamie Newman (NZ) Epicene
Jay Roacher (NZ) Straight To the Point Single
Jessica and the Jawbreakers (NZ) Cutie Pie
Jill Scott Beautifully Human
Jill Scott Experience: Jill Scott 826+
Jill Scott Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1
Johnny Cash Presents A Concert Behind Prison Walls
Johnny Matteson (NZ) Mangare Girl
Jonnie Rose (NZ) Be My Bay
Jonnie Rose (NZ) Rhythm Section (Single)
Jonny and the Robba (NZ) NZ Demo
Jonny and The Robba (NZ) Damn Girl
Jurassic 5 (old) EP
Jurga (NZ) (signed WTF?) Aukso pieva
Karen Hunter (NZ) Rubble
King Kapisi (NZ) Remix Disc
Knockturnal feat Snoop Dog The Way I Am
Knockturnal feat Snoop Dog The Way I Am
Lawrence Arabia (NZ) Lawrence Arabia
Lawrence Arabia (NZ) Lawrence Arabia
Liam Finn (NZ) Better To Be (Single)
Liam Finn (NZ) Second Chance Single
Libra Accord (NZ) Libra Accord EP
Libra Accord (NZ) Can’t Get High Andy Roberts
Lotek HiFi Lotek HiFi
Lucid 3 (NZ) All Moments Leading To This
Lucky Jim Our Troubles End Tonight
Luke Buda (NZ) Special Surprise
Luke Buda (NZ) Sauerkraut Bossa
Luke Hurley (NZ) High Risk
Luke Hurley (NZ) The Best Of
Luke Vibet aka wagon christ
Luna Spark (NZ) Siren
Luna Spark (NZ) Trigger Happy Little Finger
Luna Vela (NZ) Reinox Tides
Luna Vela (NZ) Reinox Tides
Lunavela (NZ) Void (Single)
Lunavela (NZ) Void (Single)
Makar 99 cent dreams
Mara TK (NZ) Reach Out Single
Matthew Hollerman Just Me
Maximo Park I Want You To Stay
Meatbix (NZ) Collection Vol. 4
Memorial (NZ) Demo
Mercury Rev The Secret Migration
Mestar Shut the Squizwot Factories Down
Mestar (NZ) Silversong Single
Meterman(old) The Silver Age
Miles Davis The Essential Miles Davis
Ministry Of Sound The 2005 Annual
Mint Royale See you in the Morning
minuit (nz) suave as sin
Misfits Of Science (NZ) Misfits of Science
Missy Elliot This is not a test
Mixture (NZ) Picture of you
Modest Mouse Good News For People Who Love Bad News
Module (NZ) Fault Lines Better than Something (Single)
Montano (NZ) Montano
Mountain Lion (NZ) Mountain Lion
Munter (NZ) Greatest Hits
Murk108 (NZ) The Murkwon LP
Mylo Destroy Rock & Roll
Mylo Destroy Rock & Roll
Nas 10 Year Anniversary Illmatic Platinum Series
Nathan Haines (NZ) Life Time
New Estate Is It Real
New Pacific Music Ensemble (NZ) Avaiki
New Pants Dragon Tiger Panacea
Nic Dalton (NZ) The Gloopchasers Orchestra
Nick Sweepah + Aux One Nick Sweepah + Aux One
Nick Sweepay + Aux One Nick Sweepay + Aux One
Nine Signals (NZ) Keep Digging
Nine Signals (NZ) Keep Digging EP
North Shore Pony Club (NZ) North Shore Pony Club Vol. 1
Nude Orange In It For The Money
Odd (NZ) Dick fwd oddity (Single)
Odessa (NZ) Promises Promises
Odessa (NZ) Baby Don’t Go Home
Odessa (NZ) Bleeder
Odessa (NZ) Oak Park Avenue
Odessa (NZ) Motel Machine Single
Okkervil overboard and down
Onanon (NZ) Sneepy
Onanon (nz) hang on im still mutating
Once a Typhoon Noon In My Pocket
One Million Dollars (NZ) Soup Kitchen
Operation Hitman (NZ) New Technology Division
P Digsss & Drum Magick OE:Brazil Sampler
P Money Skillz
P Money (NZ) Magic City
P-Money Ft. Sauce Money (NZ) Easy
Paul McLaney (NZ) Don’t Want to Know Single
Peachy Keen (NZ) Peachy Keen
Pest Necessary Measures
Phil Dadson (NZ) Soundtracks
Photonic (NZ) Salvagable
Pig Out (NZ) Club Poems
Pine (NZ) Akira Sunrise
Pine (NZ) Long Player
Pine (NZ) Twelve Hour Collision
Pitch Black (NZ) Ape To Angel
Pitch Black (NZ) Remixes from Ape To Angel
Pitch Black (NZ) Lost In Translation Single
Polly Prior (NZ) Bittersweet
Prolepsis (NZ) Prolepsis
Rainy Days (NZ) Face Work
Reb Fountain (NZ) Introducing
Recloose (ZN) Hiatus on the Horizon
Red Riders The Plan A
Red Riders Slide In Next To Me
RES (NZ) Red Eye Society
Rhian Sheehan (NZ) Music For Nature Documentaries
Rhombus (nz) mile high (single)
Ritalin (NZ) Losing Out (Single)
RJD2 Loose Ends
RJD2 Loose Ends
Rodney P The Nice Up
Roots Manuva Dub Come Save Me
Salmonella Dub (NZ) Remixes and Radio Cuts
Salmonella Dub (NZ) Heal Me
Salon Kingsadore (NZ) Salon Kingsadore
Samuel Flynn Scott (NZ) The Hunt Brings Us Life
Samuel Flynn Scott (NZ) The Hunt Brings Us Life
Shapeshifter Riddim Wise LP
Shapeshifter (NZ) Soulstice
Sharko Molecule
Shaun K Anderson The Stand Sure Oak
Shihan The Poet (NZ) Sampler
Shocking Pinks (NZ) Emily
SJD Southern Lights
Skalander (NZ) The Camels
So So Modern (NZ) The New Internationale
Sola Rosa (NZ) Moves On
Sola Rosa (NZ) Redeemer (Single)
Solaa (NZ) Chance Single
Solaa (NZ) Steps in Time
Solephonic (NZ) Higher (Ota Remix Single)
souls on board blood face
Spa (NZ) Spa
Stereolab Margerine Eclipse
Steve Abel (NZ) Little Death
Stingfish (NZ) One Eyed (Single)
Stingfish (NZ) One Eyed Single
Stingfish (NZ) Opinionated (Single)
Straight Outta Junior High Mongoloid Monarchy
Subethics (NZ) War of the Worlds
Substax (NZ) Electro Soul Plane
Suicide Dogs Poisoners Missing Teeth Sampler
Suicide Dogs (NZ) Breakin Away
Super Numeri Great Adventures
Surf City (NZ) Surf City
T-Son (NZ) Combat Sol
The Accelerants (NZ)
The Bats (NZ) At the National Grid
The Beautiful Losers (NZ) Live at the Odeon
The Black Seeds (NZ) Into The Dojo
The Body Corporate (NZ) Left Eye/Right Eye
The Boxcar Guitars (NZ) The Ballad of Madeline Ave
The Boxcar Guitars (NZ) Lamp Light EP
The Chandaliers (NZ) The Chandaliers
The Conduits of Konsumption (NZ) Pop Out
The Coolies (NZ) Dunno
The D4 (NZ) Sake Bomb
The Darkness Permission to Land
The deadly deaths see the world (single)
The Deadly Deaths (NZ) The Deadly Deaths
The Dears Gang Of Losers
The Demi Whores (NZ) Volume 1
The dhdfd’s (NZ) Pastor Of Muppets
The Dylan storey trio band (nz) bones
The Editors The Back Room
The Eskimo Squad (NZ) City that Frosts
The Fanatics (NZ)
The Fanatics (NZ) Girl (Single)
The Fanatics (NZ) The Fanatics
The Gunja Kru (old) Supersharp Shooter
The Gypsy Kings Roots
The handsome family (nz) new Zealand tour 07 promo
The Have (NZ) Soul Without Sale (Single)
The Holiday Girls (NZ) My Boyfirends Name Is Jello (Single)
The Hot Grits (NZ) Say I Love It (Single)
The hot grits (nz) say I love it (single)
The Howling Bells Velvet Girl
The Illphonics (NZ) The Illphonics
The Incident (NZ) The Incident
The Inkling (NZ) Deluge
The Inkling (NZ) Braile (Single)
The Jacksons The Very Best of
The Lost Riots Hope of the States
The Lurk (NZ) The Lurks
The Majesticons Beauty Party
The Mamaku Project (NZ) Kare Kare
The Midnights (NZ) Hot Country
The Mint Chicks (NZ) Anti-Tiger
The Moggs Sampler
The Never (NZ) Ends Girls Love Bass!
The Nomad (NZ) Quinessence
The Octagon Man Magneton
The opensouls (nz) kaleidoscope
The Pheonix Foundation (NZ) Damn The River
The Phoenix Foundation (NZ) Pegasus
The Pigeon Detectives Wait For Me
The Quick and The Dead (NZ) She Knows
The Riperian Strip (NZ) The Riperian Strip
The Ropes Kill Her Off
The Septembers (NZ) The Septembers EP
The Sneaks (NZ) The Sneaks
The Sneaks (NZ) You All Suck
The Sneaks (NZ) Pep Sounds
The Somatics (NZ) Seed
The Specimens Jazz Brutus
The Stands Horse Fabulous
The Stands (NZ) Do You Like It
the stomps draw (single)
The Stomps (NZ) The Bitch Has Done It Again
The Strawpeople (NZ) Count Backwards From 10
The Sunday Sinners (NZ) The Sunday Sinners
The System Era (NZ) Abort/Retry/Fail
The Triangles Magic Johnson
The Tuesdays (NZ) Everytime
The Tuesdays (NZ) Never Again (Single)
The Tweeks (NZ) You Can Listen
The Tweeks (NZ) You Can Listen Too
The Twitch (NZ) What the Fuck Is Going On
the undercurrents ocean wide (single)
The Undercurrents (NZ) The Undercurrents
The Upbeats The Upbeats
The Zutons Who killed the Zutons
Thievery Corporation Warning Shots
Thomas Parkes (NZ) Far Away
Thought Creature (NZ) Thought Creature EP
Timo Mass Pictures
Timothy Armstrong We Can All Breath a Little Easier Now
Tomachi (NZ Funk)
Tomachi (NZ) The Hotel Vermont Sessions
Tommy (NZ) Tomorrow I Might Go
Tommy Ill (NZ) Toast and Tea Kettles
Toots and the Maytals True Love
Tosca Heidi Bruehl
Tourettes (NZ) Happy Place
Tourettes (NZ) The Missadventures of Johnny Favourite
Toy Love (NZ) Cuts
Trans Am Sex Change
Trimaxis (NZ) Trimaxis
Twinset (NZ) Flavour Country
Ty Upwards
Urban Tramper (NZ) Sunsets On Single
Urbantramper (NZ) The Hum Everpresent in its Persistence
Vade Fear EP
Various – Don McGlashan Datsuns (NZ) Kiwi Hit Disc 87
Various – 4 Corners Kingites Big Belly (NZ) Iwi Hit Disc 20
Various – Cut Off Your Hands Tiki Taane (NZ) Kiwi Hit Disc 96
Various – Cut Off Your Hands (NZ) Kiwi Hit Disc 91 Mar 07
Various – Opshop Motocade (NZ) Kiwi Hit Disc 90 Feb 07
Various – Panda Bear Bros Beach Arch Hill Imports Sampler
Various – Partyline Charlie Ash The CooliesLadyfest Sampler
Various – Poison Arrow Fats White (NZ) Drill Issue 10
Various – SJD Kingites Sola Rosa (NZ) Iwi Hit Disc 21
Various – Tama Waipara Ngarua (NZ) Iwi Hit Disc 23
Various – The Twitch Happy Hearse (NZ) The Rock Factory
Various – Whirimako Black Pacific Curls (NZ) Iwi Hit Disc 22
Various –Provoke/Tempo 38 (NZ) Aus/NZ Hardcore Comp.
Various –Subaudible Hum Ghosty Goldrush LTI Sampler 07
Various Soundtrack-Nancy Sinatra Charlie Feathers Kill Bill
Various- (NZ) Material Girl City That 2017 Pacific Utrasound
Various- Bell Curve Painted Forest Ambrosia (NZ) Various
Various- Ben Lummis Evolver Opshop Kiwi Hit Disc 66
Various- Bic Runga Breaks Co-Op (NZ) Kiwi Hit Disc 76
Various- Big Blue Blanket Angel (NZ) Flip Your Lid Vol. 1
Various- Big Joe Prince Dubwise and Otherwise-Blood and Fire
Various- Big Joe Prince Dubwise and Otherwise-Blood and Fire
Various- Bleeders Fat Freddies Pluto (NZ) Kiwi Hit Disc 77
Various- Crowded House Motocade Liam (NZ)Kiwi Hit Disc 94
Various- Deep Obsession Adeaze Greg A/C Hit Disc 7 (NZ)
Various- Demi Whores Here Come The Bulletholes Reload
Various- Dreadzone Shihan The Poet The Green Room 005
Various- Dropped at Birth Missing Teeth (NZ) Hard Out Shit
Various- Gasoline Cowboy Pine (NZ) The (Arch)Hill Is Alive 2
Various- Gomez Roots ManuvaShock Records Alt Radio Samp
Various- Hollie Smith SJD Brunettes (NZ) Kiwi Hit Disc 93
Various- Jose Gonzales Deja (NZ)We are Here (Loop Sampler)
Various- Kings of Leon Johnny Hanging with the Strokes
Various- Kings of Leon Johnny Hanging with the Strokes
Various- Loves Ugly (NZ) Where in the World is Wendy Broccoli
Various- Mary Mixture Joed Out Here Come The Bulletholes
Various- Mary Joed Out Cellar Uncle (NZ) Drill Issue 13
Various- Midnites Batucada Sound (NZ) bFM Live and Direct
Various- Mr. Jigga OMR Module (NZ) Loop Select 007
Various- Murk108 Fatmonks Substax(NZ) Pacific Soul Sound
Various- Pendulum Upbeats (NZ) Samurai Dist. 03/06 Samp.
Various- Playgroup Mitsu Duran Duran The Faint One Louder
Various- Prefuse 73 Aesob Rock Urban Renewal Program
Various- Rezinator Hammond Kaleidoscope World Series 9
Various- Shawn Lee RJD2 Sa Ra Exit Music (Radiohead)
Various- Sperber and Casey 50Hz Trip Subware NZ Hip Pop
Various- Suicide Dogs Missing Teeth Puppy Killer Sampler
Various- Suicide Dogs (NZ) Rhythm Method Sampler 01
Various- The Black Seeds One Million (NZ) Kiwi Hit Disc 84
Various- The Deadly Deaths Amy Racecars Shrugs Area 07
Various- The Mint Chicks Deja Voodoo (NZ) Kiwi Hit Disc 92
Various- The Shrugs Phonoss Rimu (NZ) Drill Issue 12
Various-4 Tune Romantech Black (NZ) Search and Destroy
Various-A’La Fu &ESC Gamma Roots Manuva Ty Extra Yard
Various-all saintsthe kooks emi radio sampler xmas 2006
Various-Anji Sami Michael J Hex(NZ)Radio One 2004 Sampler
Various-Breaks Co-Op Golden Horse (NZ) Kiwi Hit Disc 70
Various-Butch Cassidy Sound Hi Fidelity Dub Sessions 5
Various-Cat! Cat! Cat! The Chandaliers (NZ) A Low Hum 7
Various-Che Fu Pluto Breaks Co-Op (NZ) Kiwi Hit Disc 72
Various-Chris Chetland Minuit Return of the Booomschwack
Various-CO Lab Black Spade Red Bull Academy Sampler
Various-D’Verse Dam Native Whimako Black Iwi Hit Disc 16
Various-Dave Dobben Anika Moa (NZ) Kiwi Hit Disc 71
Various-Degrees K Pine Minuit Farmer (NZ) Indie Hit Disc
Various-Dei Hamo Goodshirt The Finn Kiwi Hit Disc 67
Various-Dragstrip Ed Gains Burd Early (NZ) Drill Issue 11
Various-Drugs Manhead Bergheim Black StrobeFrench Disco
Various-Evil Priest City Newton (NZ) Throw Up Your Goats
Various-Fast Crew Misfits of Science (NZ) Kiwi Hit Disc 68
Various-Fly My Pretties P-Bass Shihad Pluto (NZ) Rippon 06
Various-Ghostplane Punches (NZ) Head for the Hills Vol. 3
Various-Ghostplane (NZ) Head For the Hills (Arch Hill Sampler)
Various-Golden Horse Boxcar Guitars (NZ) Kiwi Hit Disc 75
Various-Hide Vanadis Trei (NZ) Empathy Recordings Samp 06
Various-Hoyager Upbeats(NZ)Empathy Recordings Sampler
Various-Illphonics Skallander (NZ) Radio Sampler
Various-James Brown D’Angelo DJ Kicks Henrick Schwarz
Various-Jamie Liddel Nathan Hai Electro Jazz Crooners Vol. 1
Various-Johnny Devlin Rainy DaysShaft (NZ) Get a Haircut
Various-Klute Nu Tone Roni Size Subtronix Dist. Sampler
Various-Marc Chesterman Florian(NZ)Woodenhead Soundtrack
Various-Missy Higgins Zero 7 Chillout Sessions 6
Various-Nat Rose Brother J Sugarlicks Sampler-Ultrasound Vol 1
Various-Nat Rose Brother J Sugarlicks-Style Upon Styles part 2
Various-Paseload Die! Die! Die! Paseload A Low Hum 8
Various-Pendulum DJ Marky Subtronix Radio Sampler May 05
Various-Phoenix Foundation SJD Sola (NZ)Kiwi Hit Disc 73
Various-Pluto Foamy Ed Mint Chicks (NZ) Indie Hit Disc 32
Various-Polly Prior Shapeshifter The ManagerIndie Hit Disc 26
Various-Resin Dogs Kora Cornerstone Kaikoura Roots Fest.
Various-Rula Koha Kil Apanui Oceania Iwi Hit Disc 15
Various-Rula Koha Kil Apanui Oceania Iwi Hit Disc 15
Various-Strawpeople Greg Johnson Adeaze A/C Hit Disc
Various-Suicide Dogs Parkway (NZ) Rhythm Method Sampler
Various-The Bleeders 4 Corners Lazrus Indie Hit Disc 29
Various-The Brunettes Pine Goodnight Indie Hit Disc 28
Various-The Checks Sommerset (NZ) Indie Hit Disc 33
Various-The Fanatics Antoinettes (NZ) Re-Inventing Sheep
Various-The Nomad Jahlicious (NZ) Sugar Licks Sampler
Various-Tiki Kora Cornerstone Roots (NZ) Dub Conspiracy
Various-Tim Finn Evermore NSPC Cobra Kiwi Hit Disc 86
Various-Toni Huata Te Kupu DLT (NZ) Loop-E Compilation
Various-Trinity Roots The Beautiful Girls Weekend Sessions
Various-Trinity Roots Mandrake Rotor (NZ) Loop Compilation
Various-Trinity Roots Kora(NZ) The Green Room 004
Various-Wash Blindspot Foamy Ed Augustino 7 Starfuckers
Various-Zuvuya Riddim Cru Evolver Sifty Radio One Sampler
Various–Cyphanetik SJD Greg Johnson (NZ) Kiwi Hit Disc 88
Various–Ghost Club Die Die Die (NZ) Radio One Sampler
Various—High Stakes Kari Jess High Stakes Records Sampler
Varous-FLEET FM SAMPLER (NZ) Interstate Highway 1
Varous-Rhian Sheehan Tommy Fly My Pretties (NZ)Sampler
Vauxhall (NZ) Hanging On By A Thread
Venetic (NZ) Halowed Cat
Venetic (NZ) Still Here
Victor Billot (NZ) Plutocracy
Video Kid (NZ) Prototype
Voom Voom Peng Peng
Warwick Blair harp (single)
Warwick Blair (NZ) Harp (Single)
Warwick Blair (NZ) Accordian
Whipping Cats (NZ) Last Ditch Dance
White Birds and Lemons (NZ) Starry Eyes
Windows 78 The Window Seat
WW IV (World War 4) (NZ) Rockin Roll Point of View
X Ecutioners Revolutions
Ying Yang Twins Naggin’/Salt Shaker
Youth Group Shadowland
Zap Mama Ancestry in Progress