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Box of Doom - Lichtenberg Etching Machine


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Currently being upgraded from AC to DC via a half-wave voltage doubler circuit I designed using parts from two microwaves:

I'm selling the lightning machine I built and used to make all my Fractal Wood Burning artworks. Hopefully I get to use it for a time after I have done the safety upgrade and conversion to DC! It's made from a microwave oven transformer. I've wired a light-bulb in switchable series / parallel configuration.

This is my prototype mark-1 "Box of Doom", a high voltage Lichtenberg Wood Etching aparatus. A 12-volt remote control powers a relay that switches mains power into a 2,400 volt power supply! I have used the control computer to increase safety so it is not possible to power up during setup, and the circuit shuts down after the time out. Rated at 500 watts RMS firepower, the following safety features are installed: 3 AMP self resetting fuse. A tamper switch disengages the transformer when the lid is open, plus in the unlikely event you are at 150 centigrade the thermal protection will cut power. A lightbulb can be switched in and out of series to provide a turbo/low power settings.

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