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Does gravity still bend light? Einstein Rings theory crushed by Ed Dowdye

On the theory of Plasma Lensing

The Einstein Rings / gravitational lens theory needs to renamed as Plasma Lensing. The leading study shows our sun only achieves optical deflection 1.752 arcsec from a tiny thin sliver or a radius: 0.9998 +/- 0.0008.

Canarias Einstein ring img_prensa_prensa1072_1876_hi

Canarias Einstein ring. Source: M. Bettinelli M. Simioni A. Aparicio S. L. Hidalgo S. Cassisi A. R. Walker G. Piotto F. ValdesThe light bending is caused not by gravity but by a relatively thin layer of plasma "atmosphere" surrounding heavy objects.

Believe Me and Ed

According to Ed Dowdye and years of research from The Hubble Space Telescope that shows orbiting stars with no lensing at all. This means black holes are surrounded by hot plasma, and the lensing is from plasma not gravitational lensing! This plasma only needs to be 6,000 celsius like our sun.

I haven't noticed mainstream coverage of plasma rings taking up the new label,  so rather than hold my breath for the world to catch-up with me and Ed, I have contacted Antonio Aparicio and Margherita Bettinelli in Spain, who recently discovered the most symmetric plasmas ring ever. It's called called Canarias. I've just now (08/10/2018) asked them to give me their thoughts after checking out Ed's work, had a ponder and maybe jumped on a telescope to follow up. It is an almost complete ring (∼300°) with a diameter of ∼4.5 arcsec.

My theory: this plasma sphere is around tiny invisible black hole or neutron star, and is much closer say a million light years rather than 6 billion and not needing to be the size of a galaxy then to cover 4.5 arcsec. The mass source could be tiny which explains why we haven't noticed it. It also explains the extreme symmetry, which would be tough to do with dark matter sufficient to hold a galaxy together to cause this.

Let me know if you'd like me to post their reply!

The following is arguably a much better video, by Ed himself:

NASA | Missions Take an Unparalleled Look into Superstar Eta Carinae

This video has nothing to do with any kind of lensing, but when you look at these objects ask yourself - how come there is no lensing? Exactly. The black hole has likely gobbled up all the plasma as it would shoot ahead of the regular matter on it's way in or to the jets.


So simulations like this are super wrong. They need to be done using the 1.75 arcseconds of our own sun - observed.

More info on Dr Ed Dowdye...

Dr. Edward Dowdye

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