The art of conversation: Vague Questions

Those who are good at the art of conversation usually give a short "question type" provisional answer to the to a vague questions. Then they listen carefully to reply.

A vague question such as "Do you know people?" or "Have you heard of the sky?" should result in a short, sharp, vague as shit answer. Someone who gives their own long winded story to explain their theories about people or they sky aren't truly listening or good listeners. This is a good acid test to put on a chatterbox to decide whether to continue the discussion. The answer should be "um yeah nah not sure what actually do you mean?" or..... "yeah?" or..... "people? whats that?" or "huh? ya make no sense." or "maybe".

Conversation is two-way thing. It requires constant checking if the person is following. Otherwise it turns into a monologue of incomprehensible acoustic garbage.

Posted by tomachi on March 19th, 2018 filed in Linguistics