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Balls Of Steel - Unity Game Dev Demo

Here is a simple proof of concept game environment and creative product offering I made to test out my enhanced Google My Business Listing and Unity and get a feel for it... Click the image to load, it will take a while, it's a game environment.

Promotional "Branded VR Experience"

$2,000.00–$5,000.00 NZD
Imagine your company logo printed on huge spheres in a 3D VR environment you can roam around inside shooting glowing beams around the place! Made in Unity, and playable on PC, macOS, WebGL, Xbox, Playstation, iOS and Android are all formats we can export to. Talk to us now! See demo interactive at
Demo playable WebGL game demo

Demo playable WebGL game demo


Posted by tomachi on April 24th, 2019 filed in Game Development, Visuals