Spare a thought for those poor billionaires in China

2 weeks ago this article appeared in news website Coin Jazeera Extract taken from CoinJazeera article..: (not 100% sure of the accuracy of this writing but if true, is amazing! The trouble is I don't think Warren Buffet would talk like that - see full article where he reckons big fake tits are a better investment - and the title is technically wrong as China are seeking the extradition from USA of Justin Sun; not extraditing him to somewhere, bad use of English)

CoinJazeera Article

The Chinese Communist party, known for imprisoning, torturing, and killing its wealthy citizens who screw up or flaunt their wealth, was eager to imprison the arrogant Mr. Sun and make him a statistic. In 2011 there were 115 billionaires in China. Since then, 72 have mysteriously died, with 15 murders, 17 suicides, 7 accidental deaths, 19 from illness, and another 14 executed for being ugly. Our reporters wondered if the fact that Justin Sun is still alive is because he’s not actually a billionaire or if he is just too good looking.

“Man of the Year” GQ China 2017
Our reporters have learned that several people connected to Justin Sun and TRON have disappeared or died under suspicious circumstances over the past year. Star Xu, CEO of the OKcoin exchange, which listed TRON, used to be all over the International Crypto circuit, until one day, no one ever saw or heard from him again. Rumor has it that he was sentenced to a lifetime of manual labor on a clickfarm farming gold in World of WarCraft for Brendan Blumer’s new sweatshop. Stanford professor and founder of Blockchain VC firm Dahua Capital, Shoucheng Zhang, was an investor in TRON, but died in a suspicious “suicide” last year, falling off a parking lot structure, most likely for refusing to return to China and kiss the tip of the penis of the Communist party. Could this be the fate of Justin Sun? 

Never forget - Tiananmen Square!

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