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Compare Two Text Files Using OpenDiff macOS

Right-click to open in FileMerge / OpenDiff

This Automator Service will give you a context menu in Finder, so you can compare two selected text files in opendiff.

Download macOS Service: OpenDiff.workflow

To install this needs to either be double-clicked on (it will then disappear) or to be placed manually in:


To open this folder in Finder choose [shift][command][G] from the finder and paste the path above.

This is handy to show the difference between two files, with graphical guides to show where the differences in the files exist.

Right click to compare by opening in OpenDiff


You will need opendiff to run at the Terminal Window. Install XCode or the "command line tools" to get this.

Posted by tomachi on February 16th, 2016 filed in Mac