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Comparison of three Wifi stations via Speedtest



I tested each of my wifi points with Speedtest, made a big difference!

Fritz 5 Ghz "A"Office 5 ghz 5185557831

protocol a, n

channel 116

width 40

frequency 5580

vendor Avm


Fritz 2.4 Ghz "N"Office 2.4 hgz 5185548265

protocol b, g, n

channel 13

width 40

frequency 2472

band 2.4GHz ISM

vendor Avm



Siemens 2.4 Ghz "G"Hotel Vermont Lounge siemens 5185554149

protocol b, g

channel 6

width 20

frequency 2437

band 2.4GHz ISM

vendor Metavector

Test 5:



Posted by tomachi on March 22nd, 2016 filed in Technology