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Tomachi's Top 20 CPUs for July 2019

Winners of the Tomachi's Best CPUs for July 2019 are:

I've heard great things about the AMD Threadripper series of CPUs, $499 USD the overall winner comes in with a PassMark score of 21,847 and 43 points per dollar.

Intel must be doing something special to get so much work done with so little clock cycles in their Xeon series chips, which appear in both the actual fastest CPU and best value. At what would appear to be anomalous pricing, you can currently get a E5-2640 @ 2.5 GHz for only $29.

Perhaps Xeon works especially well with the PassMark CPU benchmark these results are based on, because it throws out a whopping 30,583 on the benchmark.

top cpus july 2019

The Full List

Google Sheets:  Original spreadsheet

Posted by tomachi on June 24th, 2019 filed in Hardware