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Patentable Top Secret Information

UFO's are normally kept Top Secret as is the tradition. But like getting an oil stain from a white shirt is next to impossible, getting the useful science information out to the public is next to impossible when there is official denial at the highest levels.

In what way would the release of alien technology damage our national interests?

I am arguing that the it is the designation of top secret placed on advanced energy technology that is the true risk to our national security. What does national security mean anyway? If information marked NZEO (NZ eyes only) could lead to a New Zealand-issued technology patent, we could lead the world and become a wealthy nation, but if not then the people with security clearance and Top Secret access have unfair advantage in business; but much likely outcome is that they don't tell anyone and take it to the grave. Often we see confessionals from the deathbed.

If the information comes from other countries - sure I can understand the need for it to remain secret. However... what if "the information" has not / is not / will not be provided to us by the five eyes network we've been on since 1955?

You can't keep a secret that you have not been told right?

In New Zealand, our official reasons for keeping certain pieces of information as the highest level known - "Top Secret" - are:

Designation can be visualised in the following flowchart:

Furthermore, what if NZSIS uncovers leaked information from governments not in the five eyes, that has then made it into the public domain? That idea was spawned by reading this BusinessInsider article regarding Chinese involvement with the politics of Australia and NZ.

Does it either:

a) officially deny the info, make up stories to discredit it and the authors? or...

b) officially confirm the info, opening the path for true scientific discovery!

ET science can not begin until sovereign governments admit the existence of life on other planets. Only then can it be taken seriously, and only when the fear of talking by our community is removed can the learning begin.

As it happens, this has already occurred. Afghanistan became the first country to officially recognise the existence as can be seen in this leaked Afghan government cable; and Former Canadian Defense Minister show in the video below.

I'm going to push for the establishment of a Ministry of Extra Terrestrial Affairs, with a built-in "truth and reconciliation" amnesty system to allow whistleblowers and consultants to come forward without fear of prosecution.

Posted by tomachi on October 17th, 2018 filed in Science