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Bases on The Moon

Well this changes everything. The Lunascan Project / SPSR image below shows structures on the dark side of the moon, in the Crater Paracelsus C:

Some would argue this is not new information since it may have been discovered 30 years ago on the Apollo missions. To that I say, why do the voting public put up with government space research that ends up being withheld from the public that paid for it?

Photogrammetry extrapolations were made to create a 3D model:


Source Credit

These images below are all sourced from this PDF I've mirrored (original link) put together by Mark J. Carlotto, Francis L. Ridge, and Ananda L. Sirisena for The Lunascan Project and Society For Planetary SETI Research

Spacecraft seen flying in front of The Moon in Italy and USA

In other Moon related news, we have moving picture footage from two cameras in two different countries. Two amateur telescope operators appear to have filmed the same UFO passing in front of said planetary body.

It is extremely rare to capture such clear UFO phenomena video from multiple independent sources. I've set this embed to start at 3:30 in:

Telescopic video shot from Earth is from Italy and USA shows a UFO passing over Tyco crater.

Top 12 List of UFO Incidents

  1. January 13 1996 Varginha Brazil UFO crash (multiple videos of craft and of the crash explosion)
  2. November 10-16 2004 USS Nimitz UFO TicTac incident (radar and infrared camera)
  3. 24 July 2016 Bases on the Moon discovered by The Lunascan Project
  4. 2018 two-country telescopic video of Moon UFO flyby (this blog)
  5. 7 July 2010  Xiaoshan Airport shutdown by huge UFO in China (18 flights cancelled, video, photos)
  6. November 17, 1986 JAL flight 1628 incident (radar, pilot describe huge craft)
  7. 26 December and 28 December 1980 Rendlesham Forest UFO incident
  8. 1989-1990  Belgium UFO Wave (10,000 reports, 2 groups of police, 1 photo)
  9. June 14, 1947 Roswell Incident (live organism capture, craft recovery)
  10. March 16, 1967 Echo Flight Incident at Malmstrom US missile base (multiple high ranking witness)
  11. ~36,000 BC Sumerian account of history, The Annunake, pyramids (500,000 fired clay tablets)
  12. ~2,000-10,000 BC Mahabharata account of an atomic war in the Indis Valley civilisation of Mohenjo-daro


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