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Here's why I couldn't donate to Wikipedia but I could for Wayback Machine

I was physically - you know I mean network-idly - unable to because the stubborn Javascript bouncer prevented me: says: Please select an amount (minimum 1.5 NZD) says: Please select an amount (minimum 1.5 NZD)

This kind of UI embellishment as a feature is outrageous, especially for something that calls itself a charity! Jimmy Wales (no link till you be nice*) consider this an open letter to you, and offer to fix this problem for $100 NZD*, this fee can be time escrowed and also half retarded from the delay before the tidal wave of the increase in revenue flowing in now as a result of my $100 tweak. I mean... how many millions of dollars have you wasted already man? Well, I'll tell you what... you probably don't know. Some of my less-intelligent ex-clients (of Tomachi Corporation my professional web consulting firm, based in Auckland, New Zealand) usually have no idea the money they are leaving on the table through the insistent and stubborn use of poor UI principles. If we could only measure it. You can only increase something you can measure, and you can only improve something that has an intrinsic quality already, unlike turds (I made that part in bold up just then - high all the time).

This is exactly the same reason - or thing that bouncers do - that makes me so very mad at them, is they accuse you of pertaining to some form of mental entrainment that you do not wish to be part of. And that thing is... They do not behave in a way conducive to their continued employment, that is to say that, their behaviour is more than likely to, through obtainable evidence, or through time-correlated longitudinal study where not, would more than likely show they are reducing the total revenue input to the company. What kind of employer hires employees who are actively trying to reduce the total quantity of revenue coming in? I simply do not get it.

Mental Entrainment and Superimposition of Thought

In the case of Wikimedia, the mental entrainment is that they seem to feel - hard to believe and I wish I didn't honestly - that anything below $1.5 NZD is.... what? What exactly is their problem? Because I really wish they would say it. I don't know who designed that system they are using but they should consider the damage they did and are continuing to do 24/7 with that script.

I think but maybe Wikimedia would say:

Your donation is too small, we do not appreciate it. In fact, we think it shows disrespect. We don't want this disrepect shown to us and would prefer if you do not come to our establishment anymore. Go away. Permantly. We do ont wish our product to considered high quality or desirable by you. We are sorry that your drug addiction caused you to consider $1.5 NZD too much to pay for your next fix of Wikipedia Goodness but maybe you weren't drunk at all, but maybe... actually now I remember you sure as hell were stoned, I could smell and watched you walk past.

Just kidding!

Over to the Wayback Machine.

Donation Details

Confirmation number: 1H956745CT070524S
Donation amount: $0.50 USD
From Amount: $0.71 NZD
To Amount: $0.49 USD
Exchange Rate: 1 New Zealand Dollar = 0.698446 U.S. Dollars
Purpose: Donate to the Internet Archive
Reference: Help the Internet Archive become one of the world's great libraries with a tax-deductible donation.
Contributor: Tom Atkinson


Posted by tomachi on October 30th, 2016 filed in Rants