Google's new ad policy caught my eye. My bung eye that is.

The saucey nature of this email I received as a Google Ads customer - makes me wonder how far geo-targetted it is to my part of the world - New Zealand. Hopefully it's the Australians with the mail order bride problem not NZ. Hard to say.The email is below if you'd like to read. In June, Google will update it's enforcement procedures for Google ads. Essentially it says no hookers, no mail order brides, and no highly leveraged investment options schemes please. Very interesting.

Hang on, mail order brides and compensated sexual acts? Wowee. How is this even a thing on Google Ads? Google does not allow hookers and sex slaves to run ads, but I guess, this shows some advertisers are "sneaking in" ads disguised as something else using their platform. This is kinda amazing.

How does this be a thing? Dating site perhaps?  I guess that could be tricky to police aye?

Let's say the email was mostly written for Australia / NZ customers by Google global, what would that say? If it is written to address the global issues they face, then maybe, hopefully, this mail-order brides issue has nothing to do with New Zealand or Australia? I reckon we busted for compensated sexual acts though. Hehe. That's mostly what caught my eye actually.




Sometimes, from an infosec perspective, it's interesting to read about "whats hot" in state of the art criminal activity / technology crime.

Is Google seeing increased use of its ad network for prostitution in New Zealand?


I'm mostly sure this email would be geo-targetted for NZ, and only goes to Google Ads customers in New Zealand and possibly some other countries nearby.



Maybe I need to get a job (yeah)... so I don't think about such matters and make such blog posts etc... and I know it's a but: sounds like hookers, mail-order brides, and binary options are big at the moment! Is this email digging the fact I last paid for a Google ad in NZD? On my main MCC account which is also my core Google account (agency account).

This post is jovial. As in not serious. Please don't start a new mail order human or binary options trading company.

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Posted by tomachi on June 2nd, 2022 filed in Rants