Correlation between vaccine administration and excess mortality discovered

correlation between vaccine and all cause mortality

correlation between vaccine and all cause mortality

Some recent headlines:WebMD says the FDA warns not be rushing to give children the vaccine, while Forbes says some are claiming it is not a vaccine. Fair call it is actually an experimental RNA gene therapy - maybe call it an immunisation yeah? Meanwhile the CDC listed it's side effects.

Little discussion is heard on Natural or Alternative Remedies

Let alone looking into Holistic Medicine or Alternative Treatments!

There are several kinds of holistic practitioners: Ideally they are doctors with a medical degree. They might base their treatments on holistic principles, which makes them a holistic doctor. Other holistic practitioners are not “real” medical doctors. They may be called “doctor” in their field, but they aren’t licensed to practice medicine. That's OK though because it's more of an art form that it is a sport.

Is Ivermectin any good? How come no taskforce on re-purposed drugs?


The NZ Ministry of Health


February 18, 2022
Efficacy of Ivermectin Treatment on Disease Progression Among Adults With Mild to Moderate COVID-19 and ComorbiditiesThe I-TECH Randomized Clinical Trial

Meaning  The study findings do not support the use of ivermectin for patients with COVID-19.

(Dec. 8) Watch live as the U.S. Senate examines Covid-19 solutions, focusing on early outpatient treatment in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, December 7, 2020

Postural tachycardia syndrome (POTS) - NIH. POTS is a fairly common condition that may or may not be associated with autonomic neuropathy

Postural tachycardia syndrome (POTS) - Health Navigator NZ

TH2 Cell - Science Direct


Antigen-Presenting Dendritic Cells

A. Wesley Burks MD, in Middleton's Allergy: Principles and Practice, 2020

Molecular Crosstalk Between Epithelial Cells and Lung Dendritic Cells Leading to Th2 Immunity

In the recent years, there has been more focus on trying to dissect the molecular mechanisms underlying allergenicity and Th2 sensitization. Certainly, the triggering of TLRs on DCs by allergens and environmental triggers seems to be essential. However, one major caveat is that most of the studies performed have used BMDCs in mice or monocyte-derived DCs in humans to mimic lung DC responses. The direct effect of allergens on purified lung DCs remains unclear.

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