2015 Linux VPS Hosting in Auckland Price Comparison

The following is a comparison of prices for entry level Linux VPS virtual servers ideally Auckland or NZ. Target setup is a Linux box running Ubuntu for doing backups, web development, VPNs, and SSH file transfers traffic to Auckland clients. 1 GB mem 1 TB disk 100 GB local transfers as a ball park usage figure. Naturally nobody at all is offering anything close to 1 Terabyte of storage


$10 http://www.vpsnine.com/hosting/index.php 256 MB mem 30 GB disk (RAID-10 w/ multi data centres!)

$19.95 https://www.vpscity.co.nz/ 256 MB Mem Unmetered Local Traffic

$20  https://www.affinity.net.nz/ 512 MB Mem 20 GB Disk

$25 http://rimuhosting.com/order/v2orderstart.jsp 2,239 MB mem 4 GB disk (Sounds nice!)

$33.35 http://www.openhost.co.nz/linux-vps/ 512 MB mem 5 GB disk

$34.50 http://fullflavour.nz/hosting/virtual-private-servers 1 GB Mem 25 GB Disk

$34.50 http://www.sitehost.co.nz/hosting/virtual-private-servers

$69 http://www.hostpapa.co.nz/web-hosting-plan/vps-hosting/ 1.5 GB Mem 50 GB Disk

$69.95 http://www.webfarm.co.nz/products_vps/ 256 MB Mem 4 GB Disk

POA http://www.hd.net.nz/company/contact-us/ No pricing info on site probably way over priced therefore


$11.68 USD http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/pricing/ 0.6 GB mem t2.micro in Sydney

$21 AUD http://www.exclusivehosting.net/landing/vps-hosting-3/ 1024 Mem 12 GB Disk

International / Cloud Based Providers:

€5 EURO https://www.transip.eu/vps/ PureSSD 1024 MB Mem 50 GB Disk

$7.30 USD https://cloud.google.com/compute/#eu Shared Core f1-micro instance type 0.6 GB Mem

$18.25USD https://cloud.google.com/compute/#eu Shared Core f1-micro instance type 1.7 GB Mem

Helpful facts: 8,760 hours per year / 12 = 730 hours in each month on average

Posted by tomachi on April 6th, 2015 filed in Unix