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Finder Can't Search NTFS Folders Bug?

I'm having this problem using the Finder's search on NTFS external drives and its very annoying.

"0 Items"

When I try to use the Finders search facility on a folder on a mounted NTFS external USB drive, I get absolutely nothing back:

Yet there are definitely files there:

OS X 10.5.8

What I want to see and be able to search to get is the selection below (made manually using command selection).

You can see the selection that I would like to attain below, basically finding and eliminating duplicate files that contain " 01.mp3":

Certainly, its a pain to have to use a 3rd party software, FindAnyFile to find these files, since I can't delete the dupes in here, I'd need to right click to reveal in Finder and then delete, not sure if this is going to be helpful to me say I need to find and delete files that contain " 01.mp3" in their filename like the file selected below:

In contrast doing this in windows is real easy, I can select and delete these files quickly from this window:

If anyone has an idea of a good way to fix this let me know, maybe by leaving a comment on the blog? Cheers!

Posted by tomachi on June 13th, 2010 filed in Mac