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MS Excel function to convert URL into domain name

This function can be used to convert a URL such as into just

Here it is:


Where cell C5 contains the URL, this formula should output just the domain name. If the URL is secure, you will need to increase the -7 to a -8 (http:// is 7 chars, whereas https:// is 8 chars).

Note: My blog software is converting the quotes so you will need to re-type the quote marks in the centre of the formula after pasting into Excel.

Enhanced Version that support https URLs:

=LEFT(RIGHT(A1,(LEN(A1)-if(isnumber(search("https", A1)), 8, 7))),(SEARCH("/",RIGHT(A1,(LEN(A1)-if(isnumber(search("https", A1)), 8, 7))))-1))

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