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Why I'll probably never buy a Nexus phone ever again

Reason: Because I'm fairly sure Google will never ever *ever* put the home button back now that they've put soft home button into the OS core. The ergonomics of this is related to the position of the front facing camera and thus, super dumb IMHO.


Photo by AnandTech

The Good Bits

Apart from the software and lack of home button this phone was one of the best phones I've ever owned in terms of hardware: beautiful camera and 3D image stitching software, the way it felt in your hand (except lack of home button), stunning cameras with bright LEDs, glorious screen, 768p videos (checkout The Triptonites preview of our first single not all shot on this, some was iPod Touch 4G and/or S3 Mini I forget), 2 GB RAM and of course the main thing I was after - the Quad-core 1.5 GHz Krait CPU!!

The Fucked If I Know How I Feel About It Bits


It had the smoothest surface not just of any phone ever but of anything I've ever touched ever!! It was totally amazing! Everyone who ever held it was struck by this especially once I started demonstrating it. Like I could put it on my leather couch with a rounded top in such a way - slightly off a perfect flat balance - that I knew it would fall off from sliding due to gravity about 2 minutes later. I should have made a video before it got all smashed up to prove this. In fact I notice this guy already has made a video.

Sounds like I can root the phone blind (with no screen - its cracked):

Shout outs to my mate at Google for scoring me a Cardboard - thanks Matt!

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard

I say I don't know how I feel because I accidentally smashed the entire screen one morning on my concrete floor. Hmmmmm.....

The Bad Bits

Nexus 4 Sliding Off A Completely Flat Surface

Youtube Video





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