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Kim Dotcom is a hero

He is hero because he has the balls (and money) to take the pesky out of control NZ government to court and challenge their unlawful / unethical extradition attempt to the US for nothing more than providing an internet service for the transfer of files - a victimless info crime even if found guilty, which might not happen. Under this same treaty* even a doctor could probably be extradited for providing an abortion! So why aren't we extraditing all the doctors off to face trial in the US for providing abortion in NZ? Why is that word even mentioned in article 2.6 of the treaty? I'm not to call a conspiracy but that's a fucking conspiracy right there and our government should stop it! It also looks like prostitution is also extraditable - yet is legal in this country.

It might sound sound like an overstatement to say it's a conspiracy between the NZ and US governments, and I hate conspiracy theories - I prefer scientific explanations! Some evidence: John Key gave Warner Brothers a $34M tax break concession for The Hobbitt film. OK it will be great for our economy is the strong counter argument and I agree, but you should agree it's true that we are trying to play nice with Hollywood in both the Kim Dotcom and The Hobbit cases. Hollywood is the major driver of old (DMCA) and new (SOPA) legislation to protect it's copyrights on the net. In the meantime our privacy is being eroded. Funny how Megaupload is supposed to be protected under the safe harbour provisions of the DMCA.

More evidence: Look at the way our security forces bent over backwards to help the CIA raid Kim Dotcoms mansion, breaking a whole bunch of rules around not using international spy network on our own citizens and residents, through to the way they assaulted him when the arrest him with cops putting handcuffs on him and so forth. This must be a pretty terrifying experience for the guy who thought he had the best legal advice and was doing it by the books. The cops even mistakenly deleted his security camera systems footage that they illegally removed which wasn't part of the search warrant! This might be able to prove if the cops assaulted Kim during the arrest.

Rumour has it US federal investigators claimed somehow gain access to the five years worth of online conversations between Dotcom and his colleagues but Skype doesn't maintain records for more than 30 days so the government must have used spyware to get at it.

What's worse - abortion or illegal file copying a victimless crime?

This question is a trick question by the way, most people should think abortion is worse because it sounds like an ethical /moral question. I'm pro-abortion and I don't think our doctors should be extradited for abortion... but it's "worse" morality wise why extradite a someone for such a small crime of unproven copyright violation: remember at this time (25 November 2012) the US has still not provided any evidence of copyright violation says Business Insider (6 July).

Copyright violation is a victimless crime similar to J walking, not wearing a seatbelt, certain types of sex acts in the USA, and smoking a naturally dried flower. Another point for the conspiracy theory that our government and weird connections with Hollywood: many other file transfer services (ISPs) also exist like RapidShare, StreamFile, RapidSend, MediaFire etc but these appear to have been left untouched.

In fact you could also consider in breach YouTube and Google for serving results to copyright protected content: Both MegaUpload, YouTube, and Google all have file take-down services, Google even allows you to see all the take-downs done on their transparency report website. I heard reports in the media that Megaupload would limit takedowns to 5,000 per day for some reason or another, which does sound a bit dodgy if they are an honest company that should have honored the takedown requests as fast as possible like Google/YouTube do when they get a complaint from a media company about copyright violations.

Remember this assumes that the ISP in question trusts the what the copyright owner says is true.

As an ISP how exactly are you supposed to police the content in the wires? Doesn't doing deep packet inspection kinda compromise the privacy of the people sending the files through the ISP? Perhaps an ISP would not be able to see the traffic due to encryption then how could inspect the traffic to check what the copyright owners say is their property in the takedown notices?

Assuming you can see the traffic and check the files are the same (using file comparison tool) as what Warner Brother or whomever the fuck else says that are - remember you gotta trust what they say and let them delete any file at will - you just gave automated file delete capability to a media company! That's kinda a lot of power. If Sony, Warner, . Just for the record, cos this subject kinda pisses me off, here is who controls the music business:

Universal Music Group (USA based) — 31.71%
Sony Music Entertainment (USA based) — 25.61%
Independent labels — 18.13%
Warner Music Group (USA based) — 15%
EMI Group (UK based) — 9.55%
Source: Nielsen SoundScan US music market 2005

Also... what's with this extradition treaty extradition anyhow? It's a bit of a worry (understatement! It seems NZ wants to become USA's biarch), as I see a doctor in NZ could be extradited for performing an abortion: Yes that's right folks! If you don't believe download the actual treaty below.

* ExtraditionUSNZ (Funk Blog Mirror copy)

And to prove it's real the mirror above was downloaded from:

Other strange victimless crimes in this treaty:

In theory all victimless crimes are about morals and ethics, which generally don't make good influencers of law.
Which raises the question: does morality and ethics make a positive or negatie influence on law? Or does it just lead to religious violence in US foreign policy?
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And now a stolen image from The Hobbit website to see if they come chasing with cease and desist orders:

The Hobbit

The Hobbit

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