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Anonymous has begun an attack on NZ government websites

Wow, this is really nifty - global attack network Anonymous has just begun attacking our NZ govt website due to the passing of the new copyright amendment bill! Love the distorted voice in the vid. This bill is an assault on human rights because it contains an automatic presumption of guilt, and puts burden of proving innocence on the defendant. Hence it got the attention of the network. I was saying how maybe they should attack the National website too since they passed it?!

Good on them I say. It's all a bit sketchy the way this government likes eroding our privacy and rights and so forth, what with removing jury service for under 3 months jail, privatised prisons, slashes to legal aid, and of course that horrendous search and surveillance bill... this latest grab and reversal of presumption of innocence is just the last straw.

If it were up to me... I'd make it so the warning periods are generous and the internet account only gets cut off for 1 week at first then put back on, and only taking off again when infringing begins again. This would be fairer.

Posted by tomachi on May 4th, 2011 filed in Politics