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Motorhome Rental


I'm currently working as Online Marketing Manager at a place called Online Republic (formerly iMall Brands Ltd). Starting out as Adwords Specialist, I got promoted to this position after it became apparent that that job description had widened significantly from managing just one pay per click ad network (Google Adwords), to looking at other PPC networks, Email Marketing, web analytics, conversion optimisation, link building and SEO. To top it off, I'm also helping them setup an affiliate network!

Online Republic is aiming to be like the "Wotif of Motorhome Hire", and I feel we are on the right path to getting there. This is because while the markets for online booking of Hotels and Flights are really advanced and quite far along the automation path, the reality is that Motorhome booking as a niche is still very immature as regards online booking systems. By the way, we also do other travel transport booking services like Cruises, Cars, Motorcycles, Tours and Boat Charters... But I digress...

So anyhow, we are in the process of soft-launching a massive worldwide Motorhome Rental site called Motorhome Road Trip. I mention this because, quite frankly, it is the best Motorhome Rental site in the world and felt you should know about it... you can book a camper in over 26 countries, in a pretty fast and smooth manner.  I don't know of any other site where it's possible to easily book a Campervan in pretty much any location you'd like to go.

However, I am at this time still a bit of a virgin to the world of Motorhome Rental - I've never actually booked a Camper myself, and really should give it a go, so I know what I'm talking about! The main thing that stopped me in the past was the minimum hire length requirements, and the total bill for my trip being bigger than I was planning for just a quick weekend away. The truth is that these vehicles are better suited to longer rentals, say 7 days or so, and when you hit that hire length, it really does start to make sense. That and a desire to experience the great outdoors!


Posted by tomachi on January 20th, 2011 filed in Online Marketing