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GA Bug: Internal Site Search tracking doesn't work with URLs rewritten by filter

So I thought I was being cunning by putting in a filtered profile which would have an advanced custom filter to re-write incoming URLs into the format expected by GA site search tracking.

But it doesn't work.

Here's the incoming URLs that won't track:

Before URL Rewrites

And here is the after they are rewritten, all nice and tidy with just the keyword:

After URL Rewrites

However, with site search tracking enabled, nothing is showing in the site search report.

Here is the filter config:

Filter Order

And the URL Rewrites are done with regex: /search/jobs/(.*)\?job

The capture group is output to a Request URI like this: /\?q=$A1

But perhaps the Internal Site Search tracking is applied before the filters: which is a bug right?

Filter Config


Thanks to Student Job Search for allowing me to publish this blog.


Posted by tomachi on July 16th, 2013 filed in Google Analytics