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Who are you!

Ooh ooh oh ho!  Well we went to the Who on Saturday, Tomachi being sceptical - however his views changed very quickly.  That is after the Counting Crows had finished!  They were good at what they do but were quite boring - Mrs Jones was good and I have always wanted to see them since I saw the Black Crows in London supporting Aerosmith along with 3 Colours Red, The Stereophonics and Lenny Kravits.  So I have accomplished that.  So the Who were generation got the crowd up and jiving.  I recommend seeing them even if you're not a big fan - the show is very inclusive and uplifting and fun.

Rakinos was great afterwards - we had got the public transport system which was brilliant, good on

Tomachi played with the New Telapathics today at the Kings Arms for the Safe - choose good meat campaign.  All proceeds going to charity -  - we still love meat but are promoting free range etc - Jamie Oliver thank you!

Posted by Tash on March 22nd, 2009 filed in Gigs, Music