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Psyrulean Moon 30 March 20 minutes from Kerikeri, NZ

DJ Tomachi

I just scored my first producer set at a festival!!! It's gonna be billed as "Tomachi" laptop and synth show. Will be at 11am on the Saturday. Normally I'm getting up to play drums but this time its just my laptop and Arturia Microbrute mono-synth. The synth will receive MIDI and I'll twiddle the knobs. Extreme.

I love how this festival you gotta do a bank transfer to get a ticket: just $80 get in there!!!!

acc nos - 06-0589-0351312-01
acc name Phillip Rose

OutPsyde Productions in association with Whangarei Psy Trance present...

Psyrulean Moon

You've been invited to join us at a Two Night Multi Genre Dance Festival right in the heart of Northland. Join us in celebration of Life and Dance in a unique and amazing setting, guaranteed to dazzle your senses. Immerse yourself in the sounds brought to us by our very own Kiwi artist as they weave together a journey we will all share under a Psyrulean Moon.

Dress up highly encouraged! Lets turn this into a circus! Loads of u.v light
(Please no feather boas so we dont have to pick up feathers for days haha)

For your aural pleasure we have organised some top class local Dj's (buy NZ made) that in our opinion can easily hold there own against any international Dj. Here's a taste of whats to come

Ferksta - Prog/Psy
Dirty Harry - Grunty Prog/Psy
Phillharmonix - Funky Prog/Psy
Sonic Climax - Uplifting Psy trance
Protocol - Symphonic Country Disco Punk
DJ D.Sousa - House/Tech House/Techno
TripfOre - Breaks/Dub/Psy
Zebra - Downbeat Chilled Trance
Paddaman - Prog
Raw Mance - Deep House - (@Gourmandisque)
Shady Lady - Tech House
Gizz - Uplifting Techno Hard House
Lee Illusion - Deep Prog/Psy
Matt King - Deep House
Munter - Prog/Psy Fusion
Prog Dog - Deep n Dirty Prog/Psy
FlitS - Brazillian bass, Booty Shaker
High Jinks - Deeper Funky Groove Styled for Day Trippers

More TBC

Space for camping, toilets, and security are provided.

Limited tickets presale only

2nd tier tickets - $80 till ticket close on the 26/03/18
Saturday Night only $55
Special Offer - get 6 tickets in 1 transaction and only pay for 5,
that's 6 tickets for only $400

acc nos - 06-0589-0351312-01
acc name Phillip Rose

On the deposit form there are 3 boxes,particulars, code, reference
In the particulars box, put your name
In the code box, put a word in there of your choosing, this will help identify you at the gate and make sure it is you
In the reference box, just put Moon
Email me ([email protected] and make sure you make it double l in phillharmonix) with your deposit details (name and code) and how many tickets you want
When the funds have cleared (a day or 2) I will email you back your ticket nos
At the gate, quote your ticket nos, name and code word
Get a wrist band - go party - easy


NO GLASS POLICY!! pretty simple.. try to find alternatives to bringing glass bottles. There will be a light search at the gate and we just prefer you to find alternatives to glass. Any glass bottles found will be confiscated and dealt with later.
If you drop glass in a quarry it will not bounce or land softly on grass,
it will become lots of little bits of glass
and that prevents some of us hippies walking around in bare feet
and earthing out with mother nature.
if you drop glass in a stone quarry it will break.
So please, it's a small request that has the best interests of everybody at heart.

had a test run for getting pegs in the ground yesterday - it was a complete and utter fail, so if your tent NEEDS pegs to stay up/hold it's shape, I would suggest looking at other options. If your tent does not need pegs to hold it's shape, you will be fine as it is a quarry and there are moonbeams of rocks you can utilise to anchor your tent, just tie your guy ropes to a rock, done, easy

Our stance on bringing kids is as follows... We love psytrance culture and psy family, which does of course includes psy kids. Our concern is that this setting does include some danger areas that at times will even be closed off to adults. We are happy for you to bring your children and make a fam time of it and so many aspects of it make it pefect to do so! The water hole, the music, the lights the atmosphere... what's not to love! But your safety is also our concern. And especially the safety of younger ones who love to run and be free. If you do decide to bring young kids, please be aware it is your resonsibitlity to be looking out for them and to make sure they are keeping within safe zones. ***Any failure to do so will mean removal from the site with no refund*** Stay within the boundries of the camping zone and the dance zone, do not let your little ones run free and unattended, purely for their safety. In future events on this site we hope to make things easier and more accommodating. As it is you are entirely resonsible for your children and no second measure will be taken for anything outside of that. If this post comes across as long and crass it's beacause we really really do give a shit.

Further info see: 

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