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Skanky Funk – Instrumental Dub Version

Download the audio file – SoundCloud player below:

YouTube Official Music Video:

This release is an instrumental dub of the 3rd single from my upcoming sophomore album Mr Accident! This song was has been “in production” for over ten years finally getting to finish it!

Featuring gratuitous shots of Logic Audio 9, and 3D computer graphics I made using Mandelbulb3D and ShaderToy.

“Evolution of Motion” ShaderToy kernel by user xTr1m with thanks
“Buddha” carving by Mulyani Made
everything else by your truly!

This song is about… music oddly!

Had this track sitting around my hard drive for over ten years, time to finish that and release it!

Synth automation in Logic pro 9. this shot is to make up “shooting ratio” for an edit one of the videos im gonna do for this track Skanky Funk which is the next Tomachi new single! if anyone (Bulletproof?) wanna do a remix get at me for the stems. hoping to release in late April/May (vocals not recorded yet)

It wasn’t my normal process: mix out a final instrumental (plus cheap animated video) *prior* to writing and recording the vocal track I have been thinking of. Living on the edge. My hunch is that the reason I did this / am doing this is because when the vocals arrive, it’s possible and likely some of the synth tracks will get mixed down or crowded out sonically, and wanted there to exist a version with super beef synth volume. The deserved that much

The Actual ShaderToy 3D Shader


Download the Audio File

This instrumental is a promo track. Available in three formats:

Lossless: Skanky_Funk_-_Instrumental_Dub_Version.m4a 53M
MP3: Skanky_Funk_-_Instrumental_Dub_Version.mp3 11M
WAV: Skanky_Funk_-_Instrumental_Dub_Version.wav 73M

Skanky Funk Instrumental

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