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Drum kit demo: Polyrhythmic snare 3 against 4 over fast jazz swing 8 bars

This is a drum kit demonstration. A polyrhythm is when you can discern while listening more than one main beat tempos and that these do not sub divide into each other by multiples of 2. So a beat which contains tempos like 50, 100 and 200 is not a polyrhythm, but if you can hear […]

Living Colour – up close ‘n personal at Park West Chicago 2014

Here is an edit of my footage from this concert. Presently you can’t find this on Youtube or anywhere else. AMU ‘sclusive’.

PHD supporting Atmosphere with brother Ali @Powerstation this saturday

PHD has scored another international support at Powerstation – this time Atmosphere and Brother Ali from Minnesota!!!   IMG_2738 brother ali Medley of Atmosphere tracks tour promo: PHDs support T-Pain at sold-out Studio: PHDs full live band at Powerstation 2016 supporting TechN9ne:   ATMOSPHERE WITH BROTHER ALI SUPPORTED BY PHD SATURDAY 25 FEBRUARY 2017 US […]

Music Video for “Necessity” by Tomachi

This is a 4D Fractal animation I made in Mandlebulb3D and Premiere. Music was done in 2005 on Logic 5.5. My 6 week long render finally completed, then edited, and up on Youtube. The unlimited bandwidth 22 GB file was then crunched by Google and you can really see what Youtube does to your 1080p […]

Music Video: “I Had Sex With Girls Who Caught Tourette’s” by The Triptonites

Here’s a little music video I edited… The official music video for song “I Had Sex With Girls Who Caught Tourettes” by The Triptonites. Content may be offensive to everyone. Edited by our drummer Sir Funkalot. Images Used In The Video Tourettes – single artwork concept I’ve got f*king Tourettes T Shirt Lyrics Sex With […]

A/B Sound Comparison of Studio Tube Microphones to Mobile Phone

**This drum track is being edited for my new tune Cultural Psychopath** This is an A/B audio comparison of an S5mini mobile phone mic and the sound I am getting from my studio setup at Hotel Vermont Studios: Two factory matched Rode NTK (class A tube mics) Shure Beta52 on kick Shure SM57 on snare, […]

Rebooting the Music Update | Psychodalix EP Release | New Tomachi Video

Finally got around to restarting the Auckland Music Update newsletter I used to run a few years back. I haven’t been doing much gigging around this year, but I have been working on some recordings. The first release of the year was The Triptonites EP a 4 tracker done in my basement as usual! Then I […]

Videos of George Clinton Live Show Powerstation 2015

Another totally awesome P Funk show! Play All Videos from VLC / iTunes Playlist.m3u   OnlySirNoseKnowsTom-2015-04-08 20.20.43.jpg 08-Apr-2015 19:00 817K   OnlySirNoseKnowsTom-2015-04-08 20.20.45.jpg 08-Apr-2015 19:00 838K   OnlySirNoseKnowsKaraTom-2015-04-08 20.20.47.jpg 08-Apr-2015 19:00 842K   OnlySirNoseKnowsKaraTom-2015-04-08 20.20.49.jpg 08-Apr-2015 19:00 836K   TomachiAndTheKingGeorgeClintonBackstageBeforeTheShow-2015-04-08 20.27.22.jpg 08-Apr-2015 19:00 2.1M   TomBackstageGeorgeClintonDuringTriptonites-2015-04-08 08.32.49.mp4 08-Apr-2015 18:58 34M   TomBackstageGeorgeClintonSingingSettleDown-2015-04-08 08.33.55.mp4 08-Apr-2015 18:57 25M […]

Westfest 2015 Videos of Faith No More mostly, also Judas Priest, Soundgarden

Here are all the clips I shot Westfest it was awesome. Best Faith No More show I’ve seen I reckon, and I’ve seen a few. Play All Videos from VLC / iTunes Playlist.m3u If the big link above doesn’t work try clicking on these, and/or right-click download and view in media player:   Faith No More […]

Win a double-pass to “Smokescreen”

WIN:  a double pass to the Friday 6:30pm screening of “Smokescreen” on October 28. This film is part of the ReelBrazil Film Festival that has been running in Auckland and Wellington, and is about the crazy state of international drug politics, and puts forward the idea that a re-think is required. To win, just make […]

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