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Supergroove receiving lifetime achievement award + Broods live performance of Bridges at VNZ 2014

Otis Frizzell – Jah bless him - **falls off the stage** in this clip!! Fresh to the internet as far as I know, just uploaded today.

00:00:00 Mark and Otis of Urban Disturbance introduce Supergroove as winners of The NZ Herald Legacy (lifetime achievement) award at the NZMA 2014 music awards.

00:01:18 Pre-recorded biography of Supergroove with voice-over

00:04:20 Supergroove receiving the NZ Herald Legacy Award at VNZ 2014

00:05:18 Awesome stunt work by Otis (I sure hope he is alright). For me, it is GOLD viewing to watch my brother Nick - bless him also – doing his best attempt to not laugh riotously at Otis’s misfortunate prior stage exit, for he is trying hard not to seem rude by laughing vigorously at Otis misfortunate dance manoeuvres. Nonetheless crazy hilarious. Crazy stage design though.

In memory of Tim’s mum Di Stewart and Che’s manager Richard Fisher. Shout outs also to Paul Russell (original drummer and on Traction), Stu Braughton (original manager), The kiwi audiences.

00:08:19 INCLUDES AIRED AD BREAK which notably has a copy of a MAINZ (music school in NZ) TV ad.


Broods (group from Nelson) play an awesome version of their track Bridges. Wow. Grand piano onstage plus orchestral arrangements. I like the sparkling in-ear monitors.

Captured from channel 4 via Freeview PVR on Mon 15 Dec 2014 16:31:04

PS Incase the Youtube clip ever gets taken down, please refer to this original source file hosted here, it's a PAL mpeg2 transport stream w/ aac audio, normally .ts extension may work better then .mpg I used. So far so good, I see that Broods are OK with it:

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