The cosmic consciousness is real...

To me, the following information is quite a game changer (from Dean Randin's original physics essasy PDF). It is on the level of the discovery of alien life. This seems to indicate or prove the potential existence of higher dimensional fields we may never be able to be aware of.

Essentially "the cosmic consciousness" is actually a non-local quantum state of matter!

Non-local = faster than light I understand. The following excerpt from:
“For audio feedback, during attention-away periods the computer played a soft, continuous drone tone, and during attention-toward periods it played a musical note that changed in pitch to reflect the real-time value of R (perturbations in wave function). Participants were instructed to direct their attention toward the double-slit device as in the initial experiment. If they were successful, then the double slit spectral power was predicted to decline, and in turn the pitch of the musical note would also decline.”
This test finished after 19 participants participated in 31 sessions. At the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) laboratory, three meditators contributed 11 sessions and four non-meditators contributed 7 sessions. At the Zen Buddhist temple, 12 meditators contributed 13 sessions. The tests were supervised, and a double-slit apparatus was presented.
This experiment provided more evidence, and in the IONS laboratory the meditators showed “superior performance” as compared to the non-meditators."

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