Caenorhabditis elegans DNA Visualised using AminoSee

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The first complex multi-celled organism in the world to have it's entire genome sequenced. I've created a visualisation algorithm to convert DNA into PNG! I'm working on a program called AminoSee that is (eventually) going to be able to project the image below into a 3D model one day at the following URL:

The colours are based on which Amino Acid is being coded. Start / stop codons delimit the 6 pixel rhythm you can discern. This is done to boost the colour when zoomed out using an effect I call "the zooming of an interference pattern". It's like how a laser can be used to see microscopically. The source code to generate these is available free with the GPLv2 "copyleft", which means any modifications you make have to be made available to the community also free.

The image is half blank its a bug yeah I know.

Based on the DNA file:


Caenorhabditis elegans is a free-living, transparent nematode, about 1 mm in length, that lives in temperate soil environments.
Class: Chromadorea
Scientific name: Caenorhabditis elegans
Phylum: Nematoda
Rank: Species
Higher classification: Caenorhabditis

Patentable Top Secret Information

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UFO's are normally kept Top Secret as is the tradition. But like getting an oil stain from a white shirt is next to impossible, getting the useful science information out to the public is next to impossible when there is official denial at the highest levels.

In what way would the release of alien technology damage our national interests?

I am arguing that the it is the designation of top secret placed on advanced energy technology that is the true risk to our national security. What does national security mean anyway? If information marked NZEO (NZ eyes only) could lead to a New Zealand-issued technology patent, we could lead the world and become a wealthy nation, but if not then the people with security clearance and Top Secret access have unfair advantage in business; but much likely outcome is that they don't tell anyone and take it to the grave. Often we see confessionals from the deathbed.

If the information comes from other countries - sure I can understand the need for it to remain secret. However... what if "the information" has not / is not / will not be provided to us by the five eyes network we've been on since 1955?

You can't keep a secret that you have not been told right?

In New Zealand, our official reasons for keeping certain pieces of information as the highest level known - "Top Secret" - are:

  • Compromise of information would damage national interests in an exceptionally grave manner
  • Directly threaten the internal stability of NZ or friendly countries
  • Lead directly to widespread loss of life
  • Cause exceptionally grave damage to the operational effectiveness or security of New Zealand or friendly forces or the effectiveness of extremely valuable
    security or intelligence operations
  • Cause extremely grave damage to relations with other governments
  • Cause severe long-term damage to significant national infrastructure

Designation can be visualised in the following flowchart:

Furthermore, what if NZSIS uncovers leaked information from governments not in the five eyes, that has then made it into the public domain? That idea was spawned by reading this BusinessInsider article regarding Chinese involvement with the politics of Australia and NZ.

Does it either:

a) officially deny the info, make up stories to discredit it and the authors? or...

b) officially confirm the info, opening the path for true scientific discovery!

ET science can not begin until sovereign governments admit the existence of life on other planets. Only then can it be taken seriously, and only when the fear of talking by our community is removed can the learning begin.

As it happens, this has already occurred. Afghanistan became the first country to officially recognise the existence as can be seen in this leaked Afghan government cable; and Former Canadian Defense Minister show in the video below.

I'm going to push for the establishment of a Ministry of Extra Terrestrial Affairs, with a built-in "truth and reconciliation" amnesty system to allow whistleblowers and consultants to come forward without fear of prosecution.

Bases on The Moon

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Well this changes everything. The Lunascan Project / SPSR image below shows structures on the dark side of the moon, in the Crater Paracelsus C:

Some would argue this is not new information since it may have been discovered 30 years ago on the Apollo missions. To that I say, why do the voting public put up with government space research that ends up being withheld from the public that paid for it?

Photogrammetry extrapolations were made to create a 3D model:


Source Credit

These images below are all sourced from this PDF I've mirrored (original link) put together by Mark J. Carlotto, Francis L. Ridge, and Ananda L. Sirisena for The Lunascan Project and Society For Planetary SETI Research

Spacecraft seen flying in front of The Moon in Italy and USA

In other Moon related news, we have moving picture footage from two cameras in two different countries. Two amateur telescope operators appear to have filmed the same UFO passing in front of said planetary body.

It is extremely rare to capture such clear UFO phenomena video from multiple independent sources. I've set this embed to start at 3:30 in:

Telescopic video shot from Earth is from Italy and USA shows a UFO passing over Tyco crater.

Top 12 List of UFO Incidents

  1. January 13 1996 Varginha Brazil UFO crash (multiple videos of craft and of the crash explosion)
  2. November 10-16 2004 USS Nimitz UFO TicTac incident (radar and infrared camera)
  3. 24 July 2016 Bases on the Moon discovered by The Lunascan Project
  4. 2018 two-country telescopic video of Moon UFO flyby (this blog)
  5. 7 July 2010  Xiaoshan Airport shutdown by huge UFO in China (18 flights cancelled, video, photos)
  6. November 17, 1986 JAL flight 1628 incident (radar, pilot describe huge craft)
  7. 26 December and 28 December 1980 Rendlesham Forest UFO incident
  8. 1989-1990  Belgium UFO Wave (10,000 reports, 2 groups of police, 1 photo)
  9. June 14, 1947 Roswell Incident (live organism capture, craft recovery)
  10. March 16, 1967 Echo Flight Incident at Malmstrom US missile base (multiple high ranking witness)
  11. ~36,000 BC Sumerian account of history, The Annunake, pyramids (500,000 fired clay tablets)
  12. ~2,000-10,000 BC Mahabharata account of an atomic war in the Indis Valley civilisation of Mohenjo-daro


I've asked our government to solve the problem with high frequency trading

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Specifically, high frequency trading could be eliminated by packetising the buy/sell orders into blocks;

Let's say each block is 200 milliseconds (fifth of a second), then it wouldn't matter if "mom and pop" investors trades show up 1 millisecond past the hour or 198 milliseconds late because you'd:
  • trading is queued and done in batches each 200 ms
  • this automatically makes it impossible to do spoofing, your order is now live for 200 ms
  • better returns for investors due to less value taken by HFT (high frequency traders)
  • buy/sell announcements are published at same 200 ms delay
  • all market participants have time to react, and send orders inside 200 ms, equally.
  • those close to the market get less benefit now
  • normal traders aren't having their order queues jumped by their broker
This would eliminate any advantage from low latency network links to the exchange etc, and reduce or eliminate the time window for inside trading - say from stock agents who jump the queue to push up the price after seeing a large order come through - due to a privilege position in the network topology.
Some interesting articles about it:
My feeling is that it does not add value; does not help "set a price" or provide liquidity; and does not contribute to a fair market where all investors are on even basis.
ps my trace to (Russian Parliament) below shows round trip times of around 300 milliseconds
➜  app git:(master) ✗ traceroute
traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
 1  orcon.home (  1.327 ms  0.618 ms  0.768 ms NORTH SHORE AUCKLAND
 2 (  13.205 ms  13.037 ms  12.992 ms
 3 (  13.697 ms  13.526 ms  13.471 ms TRANZPEER
 4 (  13.782 ms  15.875 ms  13.598 ms
 5 (  14.621 ms  14.491 ms  14.930 ms LAST AUCKLAND HOP
 6 (  151.262 ms  149.242 ms  149.990 ms SYDNEY
 7 (  151.126 ms  150.284 ms  151.631 ms SYDNEY
 8 (  150.154 ms  152.647 ms  149.808 ms HONG KONG
 9 (  158.102 ms  152.147 ms  151.961 ms HONG KONG
10 (  287.067 ms  287.401 ms  285.871 ms ROTTERDAM HOLLAND
11 (  308.557 ms  308.487 ms  307.929 ms HOLLAND
12 (  307.962 ms  306.682 ms  306.723 ms RUSSIA
13 (  307.763 ms  309.648 ms  307.587 ms
14  *^C

A potential mathematical solution to the question: 432 hz or 440 hz?

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There exist 14 numbers below fifty that you can multiply up to reach 432 without the use of fractions. The number 440 has not a single whole integer factor below 50, and the only factor that isn't some recurring irrational number is 27 x 27.5 = 440. Compare this with 432 which has a whopping 14 factors in the full list at bottom of this article but they are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 16, 18, 24, 27, 36, 48. They even share the number 27 as a common factor.

432 vs 440

Whats better? 432 or 440 hz for the tuning of concert pitch middle A.

It always partly annoyed me to hear that certain frequencies possibly had special significance in the universe.. more so than say other frequencies.

Because frequencies are measured in hertz - cycles per second - and a second aint no thang - it's just an 86400th fraction of a solar day, which by the way is 4 minutes longer than Earth's actual rotation time, which I guess must be about 23 hours 56 minutes:

the time taken by the earth to rotate on its axis relative to the stars, is almost four minutes shorter than the solar day because of the earth's orbital motion.

To put another way, it is not special nature of the universe type thing. It's artbitrary. And it is getting longer each day so I don't see why it would have any special significance. Time is something we project on the universe not the other way round. If anything I'd pick the Schumann resonance of 7.83 Hertz but that's hardly an even number nor needs to be.

The Schumann resonances  are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth's surface and the ionosphere.

The length of the second is changing: Earth doesn’t rotate uniformly. In fact, it’s rotation decreases being late by 20 millionths of a second every calendar year due to tidal friction caused by the Moon. Currently it is increasing the length of the day by about 2.3 milliseconds per century. A million years from now the day will be about an hour longer.


Factor 432 440
1 432 1.018518519
2 216 2.037037037
3 144 3.055555556
4 108 4.074074074
5 86.4 5.092592593
6 72 6.111111111
7 61.71428571 7.12962963
8 54 8.148148148
9 48 9.166666667
10 43.2 10.18518519
11 39.27272727 11.2037037
12 36 12.22222222
13 33.23076923 13.24074074
14 30.85714286 14.25925926
15 28.8 15.27777778
16 27 16.2962963
17 25.41176471 17.31481481
18 24 18.33333333
19 22.73684211 19.35185185
20 21.6 20.37037037
21 20.57142857 21.38888889
22 19.63636364 22.40740741
23 18.7826087 23.42592593
24 18 24.44444444
25 17.28 25.46296296
26 16.61538462 26.48148148
27 16 27.5
28 15.42857143 28.51851852
29 14.89655172 29.53703704
30 14.4 30.55555556
31 13.93548387 31.57407407
32 13.5 32.59259259
33 13.09090909 33.61111111
34 12.70588235 34.62962963
35 12.34285714 35.64814815
36 12 36.66666667
37 11.67567568 37.68518519
38 11.36842105 38.7037037
39 11.07692308 39.72222222
40 10.8 40.74074074
41 10.53658537 41.75925926
42 10.28571429 42.77777778
43 10.04651163 43.7962963
44 9.818181818 44.81481481
45 9.6 45.83333333
46 9.391304348 46.85185185
47 9.191489362 47.87037037
48 9 48.88888889
49 8.816326531 49.90740741
50 8.64 50.92592593

I believe the great Pythagoras was well aware of such matters, hence his choice of 432.

Ultra Long Range Forecast: Burning Forests

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Tell your kids to go for a bush walk. Because in 100 years they could be on fire...