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Music Video: “I Had Sex With Girls Who Caught Tourette’s” by The Triptonites

Here’s a little music video I edited…


The official music video for song “I Had Sex With Girls Who Caught Tourettes” by The Triptonites. Content may be offensive to everyone. Edited by our drummer Sir Funkalot.

Images Used In The Video

Tourettes - single artwork concept
Tourettes – single artwork concept
I've got f*king Tourettes T Shirt
I’ve got f*king Tourettes T Shirt


Sex With Girls Who Caught Tourette’s by The Triptonites

ISRC: UST8K1578035 APRA: GW46565372

[verse 1]

I had sex with girls who caught tourette’s

They’ll never forget

one thing that they do regret they got tourettes

But they will never forget the way we had sex

I can’t help it that I’m the man I’m the best

[chorus 1]

Yeah that’s what i’m gonna do

Yeah I’m gonna give tourette’s to you

Yeah That’s what I’m gonna do

Going ta have to give tourette’s to you

[verse 2]

I had sex with girls who caught tourette’s

They’ll never forget

The way that we had sex

Cos i’m the best

Well they don’t like it they got tourettes

Well i don’t care

I’m goin’ta have my sex it’s awesome where

[chorus 2]

Yeah that’s what I’m gonna do

Yeah I’m gonna give tourette’s to you

Yeah That’s what I’m gonna do

Going ta have to give tourette’s to you


Then she’s talking whole lotta kinds of dirty things… and i don’t mind at all

[guitar solo over verse]

[chorus 3]

[bass solo w/ spoken word fictional dialogue]

It’s the ninth girl i’ve caught you with this week what the hell am i

Get out of my house

Baby I can explain…. There was only 4 girls, and other girls were just head jobs they mean nothing to me.

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Tourettes Music Video Framgrab

Tourettes Music Video Frame-grab

ॐ Productions Constellations – single pass giveaway

I have some free tickets for this gig:

Reply back to this email to go in draw to win one of two single passes for this gig at Toto this Friday 1 July!

Full scale multi room ॐ winter indoor show for 2016

Massive main room projection mapping, 3 zones of world class Psytrance / Techno / Zenonesque / House / Ambient grooves and much more.


Expect to see all three rooms of the iconic Toto dressed up as never before. if you went to our Neelix show you will have a taste of what to expect. But just a taste! This time we are going to absolutely transform the venue and it’s many nooks and crannies in what will be the biggest and most spectacular indoor production to date. Lighting legends Pretty Lights Productions will be on the colours & movement again, and we have an incredible in-house team developing the world bridging visuals, plus of course you will be immersed in yet another dreamscape of decor courtesy of our amazing team. More details soon, but you can rest assured that this will be among the most detailed of productions seen at any music event in New Zealand for a long long time. We are pulling out all the stops. You simply do not want to miss this show. The mother ship is landing.

Again you can also expect there will be artists working on site, performers, and all manner of amazing humans (and others?) combining to bring you an experience like no other before it.

ॐ music
Please expect a very special line-up of incredible talent covering multiple genre’s of only the most cutting edge sounds available from around the world. As with all of our shows we will be aiming to build the entire event into a journey of mind, body & soul and we have carefully chosen the line-up for the CONSTELLATIONS to fully carry over the theme for the evening.

The Triptonites @PPH Tonight (late notice gig)

A cancellation opened up a slot tonight at PPH so we’re in there tonight! Come check out The Triptonites tonight at Portland Public House

PPH Fridays - we'll be on from 8.30pm, looks like crowds peak at PPH at 10pm interesting graph!

PPH Fridays – we’ll be on from 8.30pm, looks like crowds peak at PPH at 10pm interesting graph!

The Triptonites @ Thirsty Dog Friday 17 June

Let’s call it 8pm down the boozer… I mean Thirsty Dog.

Get ripped tonite with The Triptonites at Thirsty Dog – Friday 17 June
The Triptonites
Plus special guests
Live at Thirsty Dog
469 Karangahape Rd


PDF Versions of this poster

Portrait Version: Thirsty Dog F17J Portrait
Weed Version: Thirsty Dog F17J Weed Version
B/W Version: Thirsty Dog F17J BLACKWHITE
Colour Version: Thirsty Dog F17J COLOUR A4

Butter Factory Friday 27 May

Nearly burning up on re-entry to earth orbit, The Triptonites touch down in Whangarei in a pool of molten butter.

Triptonites at The Butter Factory

8pm $10 on door


Facebook Event:…

The Triptonites - 4 piece psychedelic funk

J-Day 2016 Auckland – Saturday 7 May

This just in from your new favourite band who have been confirmed to play at J-Day Auckland… 

Triptonites confirmed to play at J-Day 2016 Auckland – Saturday 7 May

The band will do a short set around 1pm and then another longer set after 3pm-ish

Triptonites at J-Day 2016
Triptonites at J-Day 2016

The last J Day to be held in Albert Park will see local four piece psychedelic funk band The Triptonites nearly burning up on re-entry from sub-orbital warp speed, only to catch fire once more during the madness of this 4:20 sesh-a-thon that is J Day!!

Now you can smoke a giant joint in the park while listening to songs with titles such as: Living life like a trip-tonite, Get ripped tonite with The Triptonites, Tripping out in Mexico, Flying High, Out Of It Guy.

The band will also be playing hits such as Sex With Girls With Tourettes, The Phil Rudd of Funk, Get Inside My Bed, and Get Naked! So get down there on Saturday!

No idea how this email is supposed to get through the various spam filters but I think I am about to find out!

J Day 2016 Auckland
J Day 2016 Auckland

Official Links:

Facebook Event Auckland:
Facebook Group:

– See more at:


The Triptonites @PPH Tonight

The Triptonites are playing Auckland this Friday! …….. at Portland Public House (480 New North Rd).

Doin’ some covers to fill it out with our originals from 9pm until 12pm


Raggamuffin Schedule as Text 2016



Rezist 10.30am

Lab 11:11am

Savage 12:15pm

Boo Yaa Tribe 1:30pm

House of pain with everlast 2:45pm

Xzibit 4:25pm

The Game 6:15pm

Wu-Tang Clan 8:15pm

END 10:30pm



Maxi Preist 12:45pm

Diana King 2pm

Inner Circle 3:35pm

Sly & Robbie 5:25pm

Macy Gray 7:15pm

UB40 9:30pm


Tomachi’s new track: “Cultural Psychopath”

Finally finished off this tune:

Play on soundcloud

Cultural Psychopath (Smoke Weed Everyday) feat. Fathe Nassir [extended mix]

Cultural Psychopath (Smoke Weed Everyday) feat. Fathe Nassir [extended mix]

Amazingly, through the genious of my international aggregator Distrokid, it’s available on the following stores: Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Rdio, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube Music, Microsoft Groove, Beats/MediaNet, and Shazam

It is also available outside my Distrokid network at: Bandcamp (Hifi Flac file: 96 Khz 24 bit), SoundCloud (free download)


Lyrics for Cultural Psychopath


That way. It’s a new day. It’s a happy day. Finally in a better place. In a better land.

[chorus 1]

Smoke weed every day that’s what I do.

It’s my life and my rights and my mind to throwa way into orbit too.

And who are you to say that is so bad and who are you any fucking how?

And how come its taking so long? You’re a cultural psychopath treating people that way, that way, that way.

[verse 1 – fathe]

That way; What I really wanna say… is that one day, we will fly away;

To a better place, to better land, to a better life, where there is no talking about mean or nice.

Just me and you in paradise, shake it shake it like a dice.

Finally in a better place. In a better land, in a better life.

In a better land, in a better life where there is no talking about mean or nice.

Just my journey in your paradise, don’t shake me like a dice. (x 2)

[chorus 2]

[verse 2 – Sir Funkalot]

Mmmmmm. Who ‘ you to do those things?

Who ‘ you to do the things that you do? Those things?

But give thanks every day that’s what i do.

I’m not contributing less than you.

I’m not a criminal im just like you.

I’m a person with hopes and dreams of freedom one day that are true.

And I won’t stop till I’m through. But I’m through you… and you… because…

You’re a cultural psychopath, treating people that way, that way, that way.

[chorus] x 3

[in a better land] repeats

[mmmm] edit / medley / keyboard solo

[outro – Fathe]

Weed, smoking weed now, I feeling like irie what more can I say?

Show the beat one time, too many now.

None of that fiction museum (Marijuana)

I and I are feeling Irie (Marijuana)

Smoke weed every day….. (and a better life)


A/B Sound Comparison of Studio Tube Microphones to Mobile Phone

**This drum track is being edited for my new tune Cultural Psychopath**
This is an A/B audio comparison of an S5mini mobile phone mic and the sound I am getting from my studio setup at Hotel Vermont Studios:

  • Two factory matched Rode NTK (class A tube mics)
  • Shure Beta52 on kick
  • Shure SM57 on snare, this is also running through a ART Tube Channel with opto-compressor enabled for this session
  • Shure SM81 boundary mic under the snare
  • AKG C3000 mounted on the floor tom/ride cymbal

All this runs into a MOTU 8pre, with a fibre optic link to a MOTU 2408, so I got 16 channels in and 4 fully discreet stereo head phone outs on a rack.
For mixing I have a pair of passive Tannoy System600 monitors and a TS10 active sub. Works great! My stinking old 6 years old late 2009 27″ iMac somehow copes with all this, likely on account having its RAM put up to 12 GB and an SSD installed. It’s nice old beast with a 3.06 GHZ Core 2 Duo. Logic 9 for the DAW.

Buy Natalie single by EASY


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