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Supergroove receiving lifetime achievement award + Broods live performance of Bridges at VNZ 2014

Posted by tomachi on October 13th, 2022 filed in Gigs

Otis Frizzell – Jah bless him - **falls off the stage** in this clip!! Fresh to the internet as far as I know, just uploaded today.

00:00:00 Mark and Otis of Urban Disturbance introduce Supergroove as winners of The NZ Herald Legacy (lifetime achievement) award at the NZMA 2014 music awards.

00:01:18 Pre-recorded biography of Supergroove with voice-over

00:04:20 Supergroove receiving the NZ Herald Legacy Award at VNZ 2014

00:05:18 Awesome stunt work by Otis (I sure hope he is alright). For me, it is GOLD viewing to watch my brother Nick - bless him also – doing his best attempt to not laugh riotously at Otis’s misfortunate prior stage exit, for he is trying hard not to seem rude by laughing vigorously at Otis misfortunate dance manoeuvres. Nonetheless crazy hilarious. Crazy stage design though.

In memory of Tim’s mum Di Stewart and Che’s manager Richard Fisher. Shout outs also to Paul Russell (original drummer and on Traction), Stu Braughton (original manager), The kiwi audiences.

00:08:19 INCLUDES AIRED AD BREAK which notably has a copy of a MAINZ (music school in NZ) TV ad.


Broods (group from Nelson) play an awesome version of their track Bridges. Wow. Grand piano onstage plus orchestral arrangements. I like the sparkling in-ear monitors.

Captured from channel 4 via Freeview PVR on Mon 15 Dec 2014 16:31:04

PS Incase the Youtube clip ever gets taken down, please refer to this original source file hosted here, it's a PAL mpeg2 transport stream w/ aac audio, normally .ts extension may work better then .mpg I used. So far so good, I see that Broods are OK with it:

Episode 5 - Rehearsing for a trans-Tasman Collaboration

Posted by tomachi on August 13th, 2022 filed in Videos

Did you notice I'm going back in time to Episode 5? I realised I can't get up doing a blog post for each vid, and found this unsent draft just now. Scroll down for the video embed. That's just the amazing and crazy way I roll, I'm riding dirty. Those are from 2021 and its August 202 and I just produced episode 13 and you can always get the latest / last stream I did over at shortlink. Sometimes it goes straight to youtube, others my latest AMU news post.

Tomachi live show / producer set + drums + piano

I was thinking about what I want my live show to consist of. Congealed my thought. It's pretty simple idea: Multi-channel audio which is rock solid locked to a MIDI output running my onstage external MIDI equipment.

For my live show, I'd quite like to try it without a computer. Also, to use a computer onstage in the end actually means using two computers (for when it breaks down or reboots). Not all that enamored with iPads. Very much a luddit Logic 9 user with a 2009 iMac and a 2021 Ryzen Linux box that..... is not coming on tour. I'd like to use 2 raspberry pi perhaps? For external MIDI playdown to:
- Arturia Microbrute 12 volts
- an ancient old Korg DDD5 16 bit / 12 bit drum machine only step sequence 9 volts
- I have the top of the line Boss metronome with MIDI in so it can actually count me in with voice synth etc in my earphone. 9 volts
- I need to repair my Roland SPD-SX drum pad, but the idea would be to be able to blend and interupt beats coming in via the MIDI sequence as well as my sticks. I'd activate "Retrig delay" 20ms for example, for the kick, so if I play the kick early it blocks the computer, if I play late the computer rushes me up (mutes my late hit. 12 volts
- MIDI + audio playback. Here is where I am stuck. I'm running from Logic audio in all the WeFunk live streams. Hoping to move to Reaper / Ardour on linux for playback live but am also building an app I will sell in Unity marketplace (c#software app) to allow me to use any platform it outputs on to run my live show playback from weird huh? I have not even tested if external MIDI actually will work on all platforms yet so maybe I am crazy trying this... For now and in these videos, it is still Logic Audio 9 on my iMac 2009 and MOTU 8Pre sound hardware:

Sped up drums demo version:

So here is a beat I'm producing at the moment. A behind the scenes making of promo clip call it. The track is gonna be called I'm Native and is written by Sydney-side native Pirimia who asked me to lay some drums on it ages ago. A fine chap we call N8V 612 of the ditch (he lives in Sydney). It's about how the system doesn't cater to our needs. This is not the final audio you can hear. This is just part the making of. To get you hyped for it! I have focused on tightening the baseline lately (changes not in this audio) and trying somewhat to memorise it so when I lay my drum track it will sound second nature. I am also going to track the drums a whole tone under pitch like James Brown did in Funky Drummer using -11.2% Logic varispeed during the record session, in order to speed up the drums a bit like how this demo is sped up. i heard he lost the digital masters of this protools session but he had sent stems to me back around 2008. I don't think he ever released it in the end. The machine won't handle streaming and recording at the same time (I don't think). Previous attempts resulted in a big jitter sound hehe. Hopefully Darryl if you are watching this hopefully you will film me doing this session somehow.
9 august 2021 WEFUNK.

Slowed down backing demo version

PS If you have never seen it, check out White n Nerdy by Weird Al Yankovic for a laugh.