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Skanky Funk – Instrumental Dub Version

Download the audio file – SoundCloud player below:

YouTube Official Music Video:

This release is an instrumental dub of the 3rd single from my upcoming sophomore album Mr Accident! This song was has been “in production” for over ten years finally getting to finish it!

Featuring gratuitous shots of Logic Audio 9, and 3D computer graphics I made using Mandelbulb3D and ShaderToy.

“Evolution of Motion” ShaderToy kernel by user xTr1m with thanks
“Buddha” carving by Mulyani Made
everything else by your truly!

This song is about… music oddly!

Had this track sitting around my hard drive for over ten years, time to finish that and release it!

Synth automation in Logic pro 9. this shot is to make up “shooting ratio” for an edit one of the videos im gonna do for this track Skanky Funk which is the next Tomachi new single! if anyone (Bulletproof?) wanna do a remix get at me for the stems. hoping to release in late April/May (vocals not recorded yet)

It wasn’t my normal process: mix out a final instrumental (plus cheap animated video) *prior* to writing and recording the vocal track I have been thinking of. Living on the edge. My hunch is that the reason I did this / am doing this is because when the vocals arrive, it’s possible and likely some of the synth tracks will get mixed down or crowded out sonically, and wanted there to exist a version with super beef synth volume. The deserved that much

The Actual ShaderToy 3D Shader


Download the Audio File

This instrumental is a promo track. Available in three formats:

Lossless: Skanky_Funk_-_Instrumental_Dub_Version.m4a 53M
MP3: Skanky_Funk_-_Instrumental_Dub_Version.mp3 11M
WAV: Skanky_Funk_-_Instrumental_Dub_Version.wav 73M

Skanky Funk Instrumental

Rave this Sunday

My friend Darryl is having a rave this weekend…


Protest Music Festival at Ihumātao this saturday!

I’ve been invited to play – with my band The Triptonites – at this interesting event on the weekend – a democratic takeover of what’s technically a Fletcher owned title. Parliament now needs to step in and purchase it from FBU is my call. Official site: If you have not, please Sign The Petition

Ihumātao Reclamation Festival

Saturday 2 March 2019

11am – 8pm

Kaitiaki Village, Auckland, kicks off with a pōwhiri at 11.00am

Featuring: The Triptonites, Rise Era, Tom Scott, The Ihumātao Band, DLT, Kaupapa Driven, Upper Hutt Posse, Carlos Hendrix, Ladi 6, Unity Pacific, Che Fu, King Kapisi, Eno x Dirty, NRG, Him, Raiza Biza, Midnight Poetry band, The Fuzzies, New Telepathics, Kiko, Imagine This, Labretta Suede & The Motel 6


The under the radar event page has great info, as does their facebook event page.

Essentially this land was stolen from the natives at the start of the land wars, Leonie Hayden puts it well in her article on the matter:

Ihumātao, a west-facing peninsula on the shore of Auckland’s Manukau Harbour, is the city’s oldest settlement. In 1863, the land was illegally confiscated from Māori. Sacred hills were quarried, 800-year-old burial sites were demolished, archaeological remains were destroyed, a sewage-treatment plant was built over traditional fishing grounds, and a dye spill killed the local creek. Now Ihumātao has been designated a Special Housing Area, without public consultation, and a development of nearly 500 houses is in progress. But for some tangata whenua, enough is enough.

1971 pic thanks to 1971 pic thanks to

Pania Newton @TEDx Auckland:

Pania discusses visiting the United Nations in Geneva:


Official Sources: (SIGN THE PETITION!)


Other Relevant Links of Interest:,+Mangere,+Auckland+2022/

Drum kit demo: Polyrhythmic snare 3 against 4 over fast jazz swing 8 bars

This is a drum kit demonstration. A polyrhythm is when you can discern while listening more than one main beat tempos and that these do not sub divide into each other by multiples of 2. So a beat which contains tempos like 50, 100 and 200 is not a polyrhythm, but if you can hear tempos like 50, 75 and 80 all at once, then what you have there may very well be described as a polyrhythm. Mathematically speaking the tempo numbers make up the odd order fractions: thirds, fifths, sixths, sevenths, but not eighths or twelves if that makes sense. The even order ones are debatable in my opinion.


However polyrhythms are not tuples, which in this case means to say a “three against four” polyrhythm does not involve any triplets. Or that a “five against four” rhythm does not involve any pentuplets. This video shows a polyrhythm of 3/4 which means for each 4 quarter notes in the 4/4 measure, there is going to be exactly 3 snares or exactly an average of 0.75 snares per beat (which makes no sense) but you get the point. Hopefully. 🙂

Thanks to:

The Commodore – Original Funk Review Feat. Ron La Pread

7 days ago last Thursday I jammed with a living legend, original bass player from 70s funk mega-group The Commodores and in my opinion composer of most the best, nastiest and funkiest tracks by the band such as Brick House, Easy, I Feel Sanctified, Young Girls are My Weakness, Too Hot Ta Trot, and the steaming mad with funk hit: Look What You’ve Done To Me Baby!

Ron La Pread is his name, still going strong, and all going to plan we will form a Commodores official review band and do some touring and hopefully also recording upcoming…

…hopefully my next email will be with dates for our first gig.

The Setlist So Far

The Commodore – Original Funk Review Feat. Ron La Pread Playlist: (redirects to the youtube playlist I just made)

  • CEBU 90 bpm 16ths hi-hat. bridge semi-drum solo comes at end is stab end.
  • BRICK HOUSE 104 bpm drum fill intro. Shake it. Snare on all four.
  • TOO HOT TA TROT 120 bpm guitar intro 4 bars. Quarter note anacrusis drum fill then more hi-hat.  Another 4 bars. Last snare of each 4 is anacrusis 16th as well. Hi-hat chokes are 1[4]&. Absolutely killer vibe in the keyboard solo
  • EASY 69 bpm piano intro  4 bars
  • MACHINE GUN 110 bpm all crash in on the one! End is fade.
  • NIGHTSHIFT 102 bpm (is that too slow? Try 104) 16th hi-hat.
  • LADY YOU BRING ME UP 120 bpm guitar intro 8 bars. EXTRA BAR in intro. Fades out
  • YOUNG GIRLS 84 bpm 4 bar “clavinet” keyboard intro. Kick on all four a little hi-hat. from beat 3 onwards of that last 4th bar, the snare only comes in with 8th notes 3& and that tom 4 snare on e&
  • FANCY DANCER (Dahyam thats fonky!!! Phuck!!!)
  • FUNKY SITUATION (William King)
  • SLIPPERY WHEN WET guitar conga intro. 8 bars total, kick on 1 and 3 starts after 4 bars after fill from 3e a4& of 3rd bar.
  • PATCH IT UP (Milan Williams)
  • SORRY TO SAY (slap bass)
  • SAY YEAH (Ballad)
  • ZOOM (Ballad)
  • THREE TIMES A LADY 74 bpm ¾ time. ballad. Piano intro. First verse no drums.
  • LOVIN’ YOU (Ballad)

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