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The World’s Worst Ringtone Ever

It gives me some odd pleasure to announce the dubious release of a random experiment in sound:  This is a “polyphonic ringtone” (General MIDI file): piece-of-shit-ringtone-2020.mid

The ringtone is supposed to sound like insane baboons are attacking a MIDI drumkit. While I did make a score for this, just to see what this would look like, please don’t ever try to play this sheet music. It’s not the Black Page Drum Solo or anything. It’s more like…. insane baboons wailing away…:

Click the score for the Polyphonic Ringtone | PDF of Score | MP3 Audio Version

Piece of Shit Ringtone

Piece of Shit Ringtone

Posted on July 8, 2020 at 6:06 pm, filed under Drums, Random.

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