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Legalise Marijuana in NZ

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Legalise Marijuana NZ


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Just consider the huge amount of money that could be made from the worlds most useful plant. A fabric superior to cotton, a paper that feels better and lasts longer than clorine-bleached tree-pulp, and one of the best treatments for Glaucoma.
This age will discuss the important issues regarding Marijuana law reform in New Zealand. I will be doing some research over the coming weeks, into such matters as the Tasman Pulp and Paper Mill which uses a Chorine based bleaching process to create paper from trees (when they should be using hemp, which makes better paper anyway). I will also look into the number of people currently serving jail terms for Marijuana related activity, to find out the "total number of wasted person-days" that our silly laws have fumbled.

For example, an excerpt from our national daily paper in New Zealand:

NZ Herald - 26 March 1997
"...The cost of policing and prosecuting offenders under the Misuse of Drugs Act is more than $40 million a year, with the health agencies paying out at least another $30 million annually on education and treatment of people for drug dependency."

So you think Dope is addictive do you? Read this:

Do You Really Want To Quit Smoking?
How addictive is nicotine? 40% of all people who try cigarettes become regular users. 90% of regular users MUST smoke, or they die a thousand deaths forever and ever. About 15% of regular drinkers are alcoholics. Heroin and cocaine addicts versus casual users are in single digit percents. The War on Drugs pushes some mighty scary statistics about baby killers like marijuana. I'm taking my numbers from Chemical & Engineering News 72(48) 8 (1994). Might the American Chemical Society be infiltrated by drug lords? The ACS isn't even infiltrated by Sunday Brunch.

By comparing the pollution of our rivers against freeing people from prison, I'm sure any logical-minded person should come to the conclusion that cannabis sativa is indeed a very useful plant. By ignoring it, we will continue to pollute this wonderful green world of ours.

Save the world - replace clorine-bleached paper with hemp

Save the people - decriminalise

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Leeroy Super Fly!

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