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The Amiga isn't dead - it just smells funny. I bought this when it came out for $1200NZ from Microworld. At the time, this was easily half the cost of an "equivalent" Peecee or Mac. It came with a 68020 @ 14Mhz. This may sound slow to people who run Windows etc, but it can pull off animations at 50 or 60 frames per second (ie in time with your monitor).
I'm running Workbench 3.0, as well as Macintosh System 7.5.6 under ShapeShifter. So while I wait for Photoshop to finish on the Mac side, I can flip back to the AMIGA and continue multitasking. The AMIGA (and Workbench3) really is the best computer for the money. Sure Windows95 can do pre-emptive multitasking now too, but none of the programs have been built to use it. And it's ugly too; why did they change the position of the close gadget to the top-right corner? The worst thing about windows is the mouse - ironic, that when Microsoft thought they would bring out a "graphical user interface", that uses this funny looking thing called a "mouse" to make it "easy to use" - the windows pointer still jerks along un-smoothly. This is becuase the mouse port is polled by software and does not synchronise with the monitor refresh rate... result: jerky mouse movement = bad platform for graphic design and CAD. I've written a page about this issue here.


If you think that there is no good software for the AMIGA then think again. This website was authored using Ibrowse, AWeb, Pageliner (text editor), DeluxePaintAGA (get a demo version of DPaintV), MainActor1.55, ImageFX, WhirlGif (for the animated Gif's), and is then FTP'ed to the IHUG server with either AmiFTP or MountFTP. I don't have to type FTP commands either. To update my webpage, I just drag the file into the correct folder.

Visit my
Trippy Visuals

For info on how to create Animated Gifs on the AMIGA

Aminet The AMIGA Software database (wuarchive.wustl.edu); In fact, Aminet is the largest public domain archive of any operating system.

AMIGA resources on the web


The set-up

[Here is a screen shot of my desktop - 10Kb]
For Sale $1900NZ
68030 GVP 1230 accelerator 50Mhz 6Mb got this second hand... does anyone know the best deal on GVP 32bit 16Mb SIMMs?!! If you do: email me
545Mb Seagate EIDE HDD,
28,800 modem,
Two external floppy drives,
Canon BJ130, got this for $100!!! It even does A3.
KTX 15" digital multisync, good quality, cheap, flat-screen,
and a Marantz model 1120 amp (left channel cuts out every now and then, but it has a very fat bass-end).


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