This is from a Silicon Graphics Indy running Alias Studio V6. The image you see here is only one eigth the size of the origional rendering. Did you notice the floor is semi-transparent?

The origional rendering of this model was at a whopping great 3500 * 2474. At that resolution you can see the bumps and cracks of the leathery surface I set for the mushroom.

[12,682 Kb]

This was something I came up with one night. Rendered on Imagine2, running on my Amiga1200, took about three hours (68030 @ 50Mhz). I find Imagine is hard to model with. So I usually just set-up strange scene like this one. Notice the polygon jaggedness. I prefer a curve-based parametric modelling system which never uses polygons.

Also rendered on Imagine2, running on my A1200. It has many, many reflections on the walls, I don't know if your JPEG viewer can show these though. The picture was done about two years ago now. With my unaccelerated 68020 @ 14Mhz it took 24 hours to render.


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