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Here is an almost complete copy of the Jungle Fungus single "More or Less". Each track has had about a minute sliced off it to save disk space. "More or Less" was recorded over three days in February 1996, at Airforce studios 24-track. Bass and Drum tracks are recorded live, and then everything else overdubbed one at a time, to create the final masterpiece of aural enlightenment. Unfortunately, RealAudio's sound quality is nothing compared to the origional CD masters, but you get the idea.

More Or Less

This is the title track. It is a slow, rock-funk number.
Main song written by J. Sciascia, and H. McAuley, outro section by T. Atkinson, lyrics by B. Edgar.
Say What

A classic funk song. Has an extra horn, provided by trumpet player for Supergroove, Tim Stewart.
Written by H. McAuley, lyrics by B. Edgar.
Ninja Manoeuvres

A wierd "fungal" style song, with awesome record scratching provided by DLT.
Main song written by T. Atkinson, outro by H. McAuley, lyrics by B. Edgar.
Produced by Harris McAuley and Chris Sinclair
Engineered by Chris Sinclair
Special Thanks to Morgan Donoghue, Taipua Adams, Josh Elliot, Lucy and the Kebbell/Wood family, and all others involved.

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