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Music Video for "More or Less"

More or Less is the 2nd and last single from Jungle Fungus.

This is the site where I'll put any MPEG movies (when I get the chance), or possibly film scans. The video was all shot on Super8 film. This comes from more Super8 footage of the "Orientation 96" tour, involving Jungle Fungus, Dam Native, Urban Disturbance, Joint Force, Teremoana, plus heap of cool DJ's like DLT, Manuel Bundy, and Justin.

Thanks to Greg Riwai for the photography
The idea was to build up a catalogue of footage from various locations, and edit the disparate peices together with...
a fun-filled animation
[sweet as a Kina in a creek]

[Harris 6,008 bytes]
Harry in the rental van.
Behind him is Josh Elliot and Bruno Feitosa.

[Slave 11,623 bytes]
This is "Slave" from Joint Force,
demonstrating his obviously superior kung fu skill.
This is from the top of Mt Victoria in Wellington.

[Andy 11,512 bytes]
Andy placing his bass.
He made that bass himself!

[Tom&Jos 11,778 bytes]
Tom & Jos in Dunedin, South Island, NZ.
This shot made it onto the final edit.

For more of these video grabs you can try this [!] !


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