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All lyrics by Brian Edgar

"More or Less"

Released in NZ only, on CD and tape.


Ive fallen enough, for repetitious faiths./ Ive never pushed my finger into anyones face./ We should all get it together, and simply partake./ Youll dig me in the state of my head space./ So if youre feeling down, yeah dont you know./ Just tune your bop-a-tron into my show./ Wont you come and see this sight, its out of space...


Its not whats said, its whats not said./ Youll be a credster forgering, a chapaquitack./ Oh yeah, oh yeah, feeling good, feeling good,/ to see myself from another frame,/ to reflect and refrain on my brain.


When you get right down to it, when the lights on your face./ Youll dig me in the state of my head space./ A space of feeling lonely, when your lost in your beliefs./ It should be easier than that, its a state we all have to reach./ Just step aboard, feel welcome you wont fail./ Youll learn to funk it. You wont wont be able to step away.


More - sometimes we have to much to fit./ Less - motivation goes into it.

Intense, but unintentionally, a blind eye is easy to pull from within./ It tends to happen relatively - these problems are not substantial.

Relief that it may budge with time, to aspirations electric./ To these the feelings I find, a new height thats more or less.


JF's debut single
Released on tape only, in mid-1995

I see it now/ Retina's burning red.
Must be the point of view/ Must be the point of me.
I just wanna fall/ on to the next level.
Found what you really need/ The need to wanna crush.
I hear it loud/ Ears burning red.
Must be the pressure from you/ Must be the pressure from me.

All the time/ All around me.
I hear the your voice/ Repeating to me.
Words simply mean/ Nothing to me.
Let me be/ I wanna just feel.

Chowsies now/ See I moved away.
Couldn't take no more/ Z3 by the way.
Wynne Jammin now/ It's in my blood OK.
Is ya sleepin huh!/ Lord I love it this way.
Hay do you believe it now/ Gims I'd tried to prove.
Thought you were pushing me/ But I was draggin you.