Dancing in the streets, Friday 25th Feb 2000

After work I head up to Mt Eden to check out the view. This is a real high-res picture pointed straight at the Sky Tower, shot at 5:47pm.

242Kb JPEG

First of a series of Four MPEG Movies taken at another Dancing in the Streets show put on by our Auckland City Council, down at Queen Elizabeth II Square Downtown Auckland. Manuel Bundy on the Turntables. This one has a mean Hip Hop track. Shot at 10:49pm.

352Kb MPEG

More Hiphop sounds. Not a real interesting movie this... Shot at 10:51pm.

344Kb MPEG

This is a longer piece, it plays for 45 seconds. More interesting because it shows some dudes dancing on the stage, and also, the song transitions into a cool jazzy keyboard hiphop track. Good shots of dancers. Shot at 10:53pm.

1,000Kb MPEG

Reggae! Yup, thats why this dude is jumping so hard. The lyrics go something like "Hey hey hey" but its not Fat Albert. The night is drawing to a close at 10:56pm.

776Kb MPEG