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The Roughness Players:

Sandy Mill Vocals

Sam Lockley Guitar

Kingsley Melhuish Trumpet

Tom Atkinson Drums

Nick Atkinson Sax

Nik Eagles Bass

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Sandy Mill is nominated for best vocalist in this years music awards for her work in the Roughness and on SJD's 2nd album. Also was in ground-breaking avant garde group Spacesuit and The Equalisers.

Nick Atkinson is best known for his work on Sax and Keyboards for Supergroove. Since then he has recorded with numerous kiwi acts and has been honing his skills playing many late Jazz dates with his trio Foghorn.

Tom Atkinson. The funkiest drummer? Nick's younger brother contributed beats for tracks 3, 4, 5, 8, and 10 on SJD's 2nd album and is also one third of Foghorn. His first band was the mid-nineties funk outfit Jungle Fungus. Various performances over the years with Spargo and Slacker Jazz (when their regular drummer Luke Casy couldn't make it), Mark de Clive Lowe, Alan Brown, Aaron Nevesie, Joel Haines, Tony Hopkins, Tim Hopkins. Recorded themes for TV shows McCormack and Risky Business.

Sam Lockley. A true natural on Guitar. Also known as Selecta Sam his DJing gigs keep him very busy. Notable gigs include a sublime set at Oonst4 and residencies at Galatos and Safari, and sessions with Ronald LaPread of The Commodores

Kingsley Melhuish. Arguably the best Trumpet player in the country. He is the Kiwi Duke Ellington who somehow keeps a 14 piece Brass Band, The Brassouls, together. The Brassouls, like the Roughness have had tracks regularly on bFM's A rotate list. His Jazz quartet Spargo, with Luke Casey on drums, play all over town and the dude has had to give up Physiotherapy because he is to busy recording, writing, arranging and gigging. Also plays with the Pacific Arts Ensemble.

Nik Eagles. My right hand man in a sail boat as well as bass man in Foghorn and the Roughness. Well known for his oil painting and Photography as well as his playing in early incarnations of Loungehead and seminal Auckland Dub act, Repeater.

Now these six players are together going in the same direction. Grunty. Those who saw their last gig at Tabac or herd their bFM live to air with guest King Kapisi know all about it. Funk first. Look My Way recorded at Helen Young studios claimed number one spot on the bFM Safari top ten and Sandy Mill was a nominee in the best vocalist catagory 2001 up against the likes of King Kapisi and Che Fu.

When The Roughness takes the stage it is an event. Be sure to check out Trinity Roots at Galatos on Saturday November the 10th.