Questions Motorhome Vacationers Ask…

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What I’ve done here is take a slice of traffic to Motorhome Road Trip and searched in our GA account for \? which is a regex to only show organic traffic that came from users search engine query  – and then filter it out for only that which actually has a ? in it, indicating its a question. I’ve also segmented by Country to show where all this came from since there wasn’t really much cross over in the exact queries as only 3 in the sample were exactly the same (the first two rows, and interesting also the “are there beaches in germany?” question which got asked in both Germany and UK – kinda funny). I then sorted by visits, then time on site to “shape” this paltry data set into some form of relevance based on how long these people were on our site for. I scanned it to remove any privacy breach type stuff, but couldn’t find any. Finally, I bolded some queries that I quite liked, maybe cos they were relevant to NZ, or I found them amusing for some weird reason.

Probably my favourite was “how fashionable is it to have a motorhome?”.

KeywordCountry/TerritoryVisitsPages/VisitAvg. Time on Site
which roads in france can you drive a motorhome on?Australia318.67686.67
which beach in stavanger faces west?Norway210
can motorhome be drive into melborune city?Singapore1231314
can you take your campervan into abel tasman national park?South Korea19724
can you rv in italy?United States135639
can i drive a motorhome in the royal national park sydney?South Africa119401
road trip in india. is it safe?Australia17375
rv rental businesses how do they work?Canada14361
can you hire camper van in thailand?Thailand13339
the hague worth to visit?Netherlands13301
why was italy’s geography ideal?United States13296
can rv’s drive on the merrit parkway?United States11291
is st john’s newfoundland an urban city?Canada15284
has anyone information on renting rv’s in alice springs and darwin australia?United States17255
what national parks can i stay in in south australia in a campervan?Australia14230
can caravans park anywhere in auckland?Malaysia13209
can you camp anywhere in a campervan in new zealand?United Kingdom16191
are sweden’s cities clean?United States12109
how soon should i book an rv rental for summer vacation?United States12106
are there orca`s in the waters of bay des chaleur?United States1398
australia’s climate zone?United States1274
camper stops in netherlands?Germany1372
ski trip in camper banff?New Zealand1258
what makes mount taranaki importnat to maori culture?New Zealand1151
what are soem places to visit in the usa by trailers/rv?United States1348
can you book a pure motorhome last minute?United States1242
australia is referred to as land down under, what about canada?Philippines1219
texel windmil meaning?Philippines122
the river that separates australia’s two most populous states?Australia110
what holeday is today in frankfurt?Germany110
what is blue lagoon iceland? – geographyUnited Kingdom110
what is the cheapest rv rental in fort lauderdale florida?United States110
what is open in the canadian rockies in june?Canada110
what is norway geography like?United States110
what is canada’s boasts world’s longest paved highway?Canada110
the second most northerly state capital in australia?Australia110
what are some local fruits in switzerland?Canada110
how far is it from carlsbad, california state to grand canyon?South Korea110
the best off road motorhomes in the world ?Australia110
are canadian beaches saltwater?United States110
what are some popular islands and beaches in germany?United States110
what do you want to offer your fellow campers?Philippines110
tips on how to drive a motorhome ?Canada110
too hot for campervan darwin in april?Australia110
what ancients lived in goosenecks, ut?United States110
which state in germany has the best beaches?Australia110
which touring route travels through the wairarapa region?India110
why is the temperature in namibia strange?United Kingdom110
where moskog in norway located?Israel110
which famous island state and international port lies northwest of jakarta ?Australia110
which region of the country was it used in more for the national road?United States110
why so many rv’s, and boats in indiana?United States110
any tips on mobile home hire in nz?Australia110
why are the beaches in portugal so popular?United States110
why do you spin on the bull in italy?Italy110
why is switzerland so clean?United States110
what makes up the midwest region of the us?United States110
what ocean is hammerfest in?United States110
whats best to visit lisbon or porto ?United Kingdom110
what is the concrete building at the edge of bratenahl and cleveland, ohio?United States110
what is the geography of norway like?United States110
what language is spoken in puerto montt?United States110
when will hammerfest norway see the sun again?United States110
where does road after us 41 ends go?United States110
what type of geographical landscape would you enjoy when visiting ireland?United States110
what was helensville like in the past?New Zealand110
what’s the nightlife in porto like?United Kingdom110
how fashionable is it to have a motorhome?United Kingdom110
how many miles is it from naples to death valley?United States110
highway 138 scenic drive? quebecCanada110
how do i get from reykjavik to kirkjubol beach?United States110
how far from page, arizona to zion national park?United States110
how to get to ófærufoss?Canada110
how was quebec’s magnetic mountain formed?United States110
how is sweden so clean?Malta110
how long should i allow to take the round the best road trip from sydney to melbourne?United Kingdom110
how many miles does hwy 138 in the province of quebec travel?United States110
are there beaches in germany?United Kingdom110
can you pull off the road and camp in a national park?United States110
does the railway run through gayndah?United Kingdom110
are there crocs in jervis bay?Australia110
bloemen route, holland which road?Germany110
can you drive a motor home on the merritt parkway?United States110
hammerfest, norways history for the city of one day and one night ?United States110
austria nice country?Austria110
are there beaches in germany?Germany110
are the roads clean in austria?Canada110
new zealand rv trip good idea?United States110
places to visit in south carolina in a motorhome?United States110
south african beaches safe?United Kingdom110
italy’s geography?United States110
motorhomes go on great barrier island ?New Zealand110
must see fjords?United Kingdom110
spain has coastline on what sides?United States110
spain has coastline on which sides?United States110
region bordering eastern side of the great australian bight?Australia110
road trip starting in toronto, where should i go?South Korea110
are rental rvs worth buying?United States110
is canada a good place to campervan around?United Kingdom110
is chiemsee a great place to visit?Germany110
is germany above sea level?Germany110
do the von trapp family still own the castle in austria?United States110
in europe where is the land very flat?United Kingdom110
is there a lighthouse/telescope that can see the grand canyon?United States110
is there anything switzerland is famous for?United Kingdom110
is traveling in a motor home the best way to travel the united states?United States110
is abruzzo and the alps the same thing ?Australia110
is it the road open from bundaberg to brisbane?Philippines110
is great salt lake one of 7 wonders of the world?United States110
what makes mount taranaki important to maori culture?New Zealand000
has anyone information on renting rvs in alice springs and darwin australia?United States000
can motorhomes drive on the merritt parkway?United States000




2 Responses to “Questions Motorhome Vacationers Ask…”

  1. motorhomes Says:

    Interesting you have done all of this research but I am still not such what you are actually trying to make a point of, or is it just plain curiosity?

  2. tomachi Says:

    The research only took about 5 seconds – pull search phrases that contain a ? from the analytics package. As to you question of “why”? It’s is just an experiment in seeing how to get additional traffic from Google, and to generate some unique content quickly. So yeah it doesn’t really add that much value I agree! 🙂