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Rachel Beer – Barfoot & Thompson – Making more problems than we’re solving perhaps?

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Come help with the move!

Starting at 11am next Wednesday 21 December, a moving truck (Auckland Movers) is booked, and the plan is to chuck it all into “transitional storage” pending figuring it all out.

Whack it on your Google Calendar now:   

Tom raps to landlord Paul Chen’s answerphone

…after trying for ages to reach him today

As it the tradition with blogs we start at the end and work our way backwards…. So here is why I’m bringing my own private prosecution…

So let’s back this all up some more…

Wednesday 14 December 9am

Early last week my cock sucker property managers from Barfoot & Thompson decided it would be prudent to trespass me from my new office with less than 20 hours notice! The basis for this I have no idea about, most likely the lack of an actual fully signed lease agreement, but I have a case running about that. As in before I had even packed in or down. Apparently they got spooked in some weird intangible way about our plans; failing to actually clarify their issues in the process.

I’m hopeful, but there is a definite chance that my business pals Darryl and Chris didn’t give me 100% of the information they could have – fingers crossed!!! Assuming they were kept as much in the dark about the true reasons for cancellation of the contract, then we have a case.

To understand it, have a read of the private prosecution I am bringing to them today:

So starting at the start. Check out this Stock Options contract that I wrote. Basically 90% of. I stayed up a bit late though you can hear how tired I am:

So we all put a lot of work into the project. I practically built an intranet in a week or two.

The audio interface

The mics

The idea was for all to take up an office at 26 Wyndham st. Then… i still wonder what happened?

Rachel Beer - Barfoot & Thompson

Rachel Beer – Barfoot & Thompson

Rachel Beer from Barfoot can be heard on this audio file apparently giving me extra notice of this baseless eviction via verbal.


My business pals and I created the ultimate creative community…. half signed a lease and fully paid a deposit…. and now just two days after officially moving in they give 20 hours notice to me to move out! I spent 18 years at my previous at in Ponsonby, building a collection of whacky and funky objects – the best of which have come here and to my new home at a top secret location – and since we couldn’t move in right away, actually bounced all this stuff via another location in Waterview via my amazing friend Shane and his moving truck on two totally different days and destinations! The truck did two trips on each day people!!!!! THIS PLACE HAS NO LIFT and it’s on Wyndham St a very steep street in central mid-town Auckland, just a marble-balls roll down the hill from Sky Tower badness my main man.

So the manager Barfoot steps in frustratingly….. and somehow they pulled out with only one signature on the lease.

an-offer-of-resolution – Tom’s offer to solve the issue.

combined-docs-for-26-wyndham-t-atkinson The Lease agreement, the floor plan, the bank statement showing deposits.

Rachel Beer from Barfoot can be heard on this audio file apparently giving me extra notice of eviction via verbal.



Tom’s discussions with the landlords

I hope all have had a chance to read over my offer of resolution (attached).

In the offer I put forward two solutions to this conundrum we face:
1) EITHER we move to sign and place deposit as per normal. My preferred option. Can pay three months deposit every month for three months if agreeable. OR
2) a very short period where I pay full rent in order to find time to move out at a more regular pace. Suggest somewhere between TWO WEEKS and 3 MONTHS.
I would think that it is in everyones bests interests – but mostly yours – to accept some payment from me and allow me an orderly pack down.
  • Consider the following benefits to yourselves by accepting this resolution:
  • I really like the space. Paul first showed it to me on 7 September – a long time ago. It’s very good to have tenants that appreciate the space because they will be very well behaved and look after it and always pay the rent on time. My last tenancy lasted 18 years and I never once missed a rent payment, in total putting through over $390,000 over the 18 year period from 1998.
  • Having a tenant that is often in the office during the evenings is good for security and reduces fire risk
  • The location synergises with my interests
  • Considerable sound pollution already exists in the area such as Ding Dong bar in the basement, but more importantly, the other bar right underneath us at level 1. These are fairly noisy things – with drunken bar goers often sitting on the steps to the office. When I come at night I scare them away and deter burglers.
  • I plan to upgrade security. I have my own fully wireless GSM alarm system + motion sensors + distributed webcam software etc.
  • I run a web consultancy: – this business use is in line with the business use on the lease agreement i have
Failing to do so – such as that course that seems to be going down – would put you at risk of this lawsuit / private prosecution and evidence PDF as I am about to file in the Auckland District Court. The downsides of this for you are:
  • I’ve already contacted fair go and have a massive community of friends and supporters – I am a musician we have friends
  • Artists and Musicians are already at the bottom rung of society even though everybody from the poorest to the richest person loves to listen to it. Music forms such as important part in so many lives. Unless we perform live and sell merchandise though, it is very difficult to make a living just from recorded music. If you are curious, check out my CV at I have over 70 compositions registered with APRA, have 7 albums out, played big day out 5 times and done 4 international tours (Vanuatu, Australia, UK, Ireland). I think you should show some Mana and be kind.
  • I’m planning to contact the body corporate and true owners of the building shortly if you do not comply or if any of my equipment is damaged
  • Your job positions are now at risk since you have not filled the space I know for sure since 7 September. Pitiful work guys.
  • The building is not great – you should cut losses and accept my offer.
  • I have some covert audio recordings featuring Rachel Beer and sample is also attached. I have also placed the sample only at:
  • Today at 12:25pm I called emergency services on 111 and spoke with them for 6 minutes, claiming I had a vigilante landlord trying to break the law, we had a nice chat about what I can and can’t do. Very informative. Maybe will be seeing you and them later in fact.
  • Maybe if I get angry I will launch a bad publicity campaign against Barfoot and co. Send it to the building investors.

Later on Thursday…

Tom got arrested trying to get his gear back, that’s why he doesn’t have the crash stands in this video:


Internet Garage Sale: Hotel Vermont Studios Bargains

Everything is $1 reserve, as-is where-is, buyer must pickup, condition variable to broken generally.

Internet Garage Sale: Hotel Vermont Studios Bargains
I’ve moved house to I need to flick a bunch of dubious items, most will go for dollar reserve but $50 delivery fee, since I need these picked up mostly, and am mad busy.
Items: Couches, tables, altezza hub, computer rack, cd rack, fostex speaker, fiji table top, microwave, fridge, heater, toaster, Snare and DRUM KIT PARTS,
Broken stuff: BBQ, tables, washing machine, old high end pc with nice case, etc. See:

The available times are:
Tuesday 22 Nov: anytime today
Wednesday 23 Nov: either between 11am-1pm or between 4pm-6pm (ish) can also do a late slot pickup if helpful please ask
Thursday 24 Nov: you’d need to arrange with my landlord from this point on sorry!

Reason for urgent sale: I’ve moved house and left it a bit late to do the final push to move everything so hopefully it’s gonna be TradeMe to the rescue! With a short one dollar reserve set of auctions all finishing around 12:30pm on Wednesday 23, I am also going to hold a “Internet Garage Sale” type thing.

27 Vermont St Ponsonby – Tom Atkinson 0212576422 Please call or txt before coming round, the garage sale is only on Wednesday 23 November at the stated times above.

Leather couch:

Wade Shotters old drums: or maybe Keiran Donelley’s?




The Fostex SP11 is clearly a professional speaker. The back panels are no non-sense and get straight to business: this is an 8 ohm speaker, which can really handle it: a continuous power of 100 RMS which is rated using a 1 minute measurement. Anything that carries an RMS measurement like this is almost certain to be a quality piece, but the only way to be sure is to check the brand: Fostex. These guys are synonymous with top notch Japanese recording systems.

No fucking idea what their speakers sound like though sorry. Buyer beware.

I can assume these work but for some tragic reason beyond my comprehension…. considering my considerable studio size… have never even given them a go.

I’ll try to make sure I have some jack-out power source when you come. Actually yes I have one, I’ll ensure it’s on tap for a test.


I get to meet Technyne tonight! PHD Hiphop support slot at Powerstation

My Hiphop group PHD is supporting Technyne at Powerstation tonight!!!!


    Tickets on sale now – AAA Ticketing

Techniciansss! The independent hip hop powerhouse TECH N9NE returns to New Zealand this November after selling out shows in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch last year.

TECH N9NE is the biggest selling Independent Hip-Hop artist of all time. He has had his music featured in film, television, and video games. Independent to the core, TECH N9NE is free to make music for himself and his fans and no one else. He appeases no masters other than the legions of Strange Music fans across the globe.

TECH N9NE became known as an innovative rapper in the 90s because of his trendsetting ability to rap at breakneck speed, to rap backwards and to also deliver riveting personal songs that examined his own inner demons. In the 2000s, TECH N9NE hit the road relentlessly, becoming one of rap’s premier touring acts. With 2012’s “Hostile Takeover 2012 Tour,” TECH N9NE holds the title of headlining the longest continuous tour in rap history.

No one puts on a show like TECH N9NE. His shows are a non-stop party from beginning to end. The atmosphere and energy at a TECH N9NE show is unlike anything else. His rhymes are immaculate, his flow is transcendent and his interaction and dynamic with the crowd is unparalleled. He raps so fast you think his mic will melt. Without mainstream acceptance, TECH N9NE’s commercial success is entirely down to his dedication to his audience, playing at least over 100 shows a year and making sure every show leaves the crowd on a euphoric high and craving more. Seeing TECH N9NE live will make you understand his t-shirt slogan “Strange Music Saved My Life”.

TECH N9NE’s 2016 New Zealand tour will feature long-time partner in rhyme KRIZZ KALIKO, who will be both performing with TECH N9NEand a feature support set. KRIZZ KALIKO has been working with TECH N9NE since the late 90’s and just put out his latest solo album, “GO” earlier this year. KRIZZ KALIKO’s infectious charisma and dynamic vocal range have made him a fan favourite at TECH N9NE’slive shows for over a decade. In addition to KRIZZ KALIKO, the tour will also feature Strange Music’s STEVIE STONE – this will be his first solo sets in New Zealand.

TECH N9NE sounds as fresh and hungry as he did when he first started more than a decade ago. “I’ve got a chip on my shoulder,” TECH N9NE says. “I’ve still got a lot to prove. That’s why I still rap so hard. I’m always trying to get better and better. I’m not softening it.” If you missed out last time, now is your chance to fix your mistake. If you were lucky enough to catch one of the shows, this is another opportunity to witness one of the greatest live shows in Hip-Hop, period.


Tom on the big screen in Hyde Park London supporting Roger Waters

From The Who. Wow. Maybe that was my best ever gig? Well I guess I hope not and the best is yet to come!

I saw the water that Roger Waters was drinking. Nice. From behind the security fence within the security fence. Fair enough. I did count 28 of these amps under the stage that read something something 4000. Does that mean we played on a 128 K sound system? At least surely. The people also watched football at the gig. On some amazing looking screens. That must have been powered by nuclear power. Seriously. Just realised it might have been his only or first ever UK show. I was playing with Breaks Co-op at the time, us supporting the great man. Highlight for me was when the fat lady sings. Seriously. Also…. I am starting a creative company. Raven Arts Ltd.

At 3:16pm on 1st of July 2006 in Hyde Park London

At 3:16pm on 1st of July 2006 in Hyde Park London

Music Video for “Necessity” by Tomachi

This is a 4D Fractal animation I made in Mandlebulb3D and Premiere.

Music was done in 2005 on Logic 5.5.

My 6 week long render finally completed, then edited, and up on Youtube. The unlimited bandwidth 22 GB file was then crunched by Google and you can really see what Youtube does to your 1080p 60fps video. By the way, 1920 x 1080 is about 2.1 megapixels worth, so sixty of those per second is 124.4 megapixels per second! Since neither this, nor the quote 22 GB is what you are getting at Youtube, I’ve uploaded a special directors cut version at a limited edition 144 megabits of H.264 goodness. Below is a 2560 x 1440 still render:

3.7 megapixel Monte Carlo Render 2560 x 1440 8 MB

3.7 megapixel Monte Carlo Render 2560 x 1440 8 MB

Sheeshka. It takes a while to encode full quality H.264 at 60p using 100% and 144 mbit limit.

Sheeshka. It takes a while to encode full quality H.264 at 60p using 100% and 144 mbit limit.

This Friday: Illuminati Congo meets Black Giant Soundsystem @Bacco Room

illuminati gig facebook banner2

Fresh from Chicago, via Sydney, comes Illuminati Congo a conscious rasta hip hop artist. In his words: Having studied and taught Kundalini Yoga and Rebirthing Breathwork as well as being an avid herbalist in the Rastafarian community, Jahns true goal is to heal. Heal the world of its ills through awareness of self and the practice of unconditional love. Hip hop is an art form that has the ability to communicate complex ideas to a potentially large audience, let it not go to waste!

This is gonna be an Epic Night – Illuminati Congo live and direct MCing on the Mighty Black Giant Sound System.

A chat between friends about Friday the 5th of August – has allowed two collusus (giants!) to combine. Black Giant Sound System will now be combining forces with Illuminati Congo for a very special event.

Illluminati Congo hails from Chicago Illanois and brings a concious fusion of Reggae and Hip Hop elements. Guided by higher conciousness and drawing inspiration from African and Eastern mysticism, Illuminati Congo will be taking us on an epic musical journey – Hold Tight and Get ready Y’all!

Selectors Di Genera,l Nealske and Grassroots will be fielding heavyweight Roots and Dancehall vinyl through the newly refurbed Black Giant bass speaker stacks. Booyaka Shot!

Extra Special Guest Selector DJ Orikol has been mashing up Auckland Dancefloors over the past year playing the latest Dancefloor heat outta Africa. Dancefloor Nah Cease!


Print PDF of Flyer


Illcongo pfofilepicJahn The Baptist is unlike any other rapper out there. He is able to utilize his mantra of “as above, so below” to formulate a refreshing unity of the higher self and lower self. His lyrics reflect both his practice of spirituality and his embrace of earthly, human desires.

His words are meant to appeal both to Yogis as well as the inner city Hood- with an authoritative demeanor that lets you know he is equally of both. Having studied and taught Kundalini Yoga and Rebirthing Breathwork as well as being an avid herbalist in the Rastafarian community, Jahns true goal is to heal. Heal the world of its ills through awareness of self and the practice of unconditional love. Hip hop is an art form that has the ability to communicate complex ideas to a potentially large audience, let it not go to waste!

Illuminati Congo meets Black Giant Soundsystem @Bacco Room


Music Video: “I Had Sex With Girls Who Caught Tourette’s” by The Triptonites

Here’s a little music video I edited…


The official music video for song “I Had Sex With Girls Who Caught Tourettes” by The Triptonites. Content may be offensive to everyone. Edited by our drummer Sir Funkalot.

Images Used In The Video

Tourettes - single artwork concept
Tourettes – single artwork concept
I've got f*king Tourettes T Shirt
I’ve got f*king Tourettes T Shirt


Sex With Girls Who Caught Tourette’s by The Triptonites

ISRC: UST8K1578035 APRA: GW46565372

[verse 1]

I had sex with girls who caught tourette’s

They’ll never forget

one thing that they do regret they got tourettes

But they will never forget the way we had sex

I can’t help it that I’m the man I’m the best

[chorus 1]

Yeah that’s what i’m gonna do

Yeah I’m gonna give tourette’s to you

Yeah That’s what I’m gonna do

Going ta have to give tourette’s to you

[verse 2]

I had sex with girls who caught tourette’s

They’ll never forget

The way that we had sex

Cos i’m the best

Well they don’t like it they got tourettes

Well i don’t care

I’m goin’ta have my sex it’s awesome where

[chorus 2]

Yeah that’s what I’m gonna do

Yeah I’m gonna give tourette’s to you

Yeah That’s what I’m gonna do

Going ta have to give tourette’s to you


Then she’s talking whole lotta kinds of dirty things… and i don’t mind at all

[guitar solo over verse]

[chorus 3]

[bass solo w/ spoken word fictional dialogue]

It’s the ninth girl i’ve caught you with this week what the hell am i

Get out of my house

Baby I can explain…. There was only 4 girls, and other girls were just head jobs they mean nothing to me.

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Tourettes Music Video Framgrab

Tourettes Music Video Frame-grab

ॐ Productions Constellations – single pass giveaway

I have some free tickets for this gig:

Just subscribe to go in the draw to win one of two single passes for this gig at Toto this Friday 1 July!

Full scale multi room ॐ winter indoor show for 2016

Massive main room projection mapping, 3 zones of world class Psytrance / Techno / Zenonesque / House / Ambient grooves and much more.


Expect to see all three rooms of the iconic Toto dressed up as never before. if you went to our Neelix show you will have a taste of what to expect. But just a taste! This time we are going to absolutely transform the venue and it’s many nooks and crannies in what will be the biggest and most spectacular indoor production to date. Lighting legends Pretty Lights Productions will be on the colours & movement again, and we have an incredible in-house team developing the world bridging visuals, plus of course you will be immersed in yet another dreamscape of decor courtesy of our amazing team. More details soon, but you can rest assured that this will be among the most detailed of productions seen at any music event in New Zealand for a long long time. We are pulling out all the stops. You simply do not want to miss this show. The mother ship is landing.

Again you can also expect there will be artists working on site, performers, and all manner of amazing humans (and others?) combining to bring you an experience like no other before it.

ॐ music
Please expect a very special line-up of incredible talent covering multiple genre’s of only the most cutting edge sounds available from around the world. As with all of our shows we will be aiming to build the entire event into a journey of mind, body & soul and we have carefully chosen the line-up for the CONSTELLATIONS to fully carry over the theme for the evening.

The Triptonites @PPH Tonight (late notice gig)

A cancellation opened up a slot tonight at PPH so we’re in there tonight! Come check out The Triptonites tonight at Portland Public House

PPH Fridays - we'll be on from 8.30pm, looks like crowds peak at PPH at 10pm interesting graph!

PPH Fridays – we’ll be on from 8.30pm, looks like crowds peak at PPH at 10pm interesting graph!

The Triptonites @ Thirsty Dog Friday 17 June

Let’s call it 8pm down the boozer… I mean Thirsty Dog.

Get ripped tonite with The Triptonites at Thirsty Dog – Friday 17 June
The Triptonites
Plus special guests
Live at Thirsty Dog
469 Karangahape Rd


PDF Versions of this poster

Portrait Version: Thirsty Dog F17J Portrait
Weed Version: Thirsty Dog F17J Weed Version
B/W Version: Thirsty Dog F17J BLACKWHITE
Colour Version: Thirsty Dog F17J COLOUR A4

Buy Natalie single by EASY


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