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Videos of George Clinton Live Show Powerstation 2015

Another totally awesome P Funk show!

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  OnlySirNoseKnowsTom-2015-04-08 20.20.43.jpg 08-Apr-2015 19:00 817K
  OnlySirNoseKnowsTom-2015-04-08 20.20.45.jpg 08-Apr-2015 19:00 838K
  OnlySirNoseKnowsKaraTom-2015-04-08 20.20.47.jpg 08-Apr-2015 19:00 842K
  OnlySirNoseKnowsKaraTom-2015-04-08 20.20.49.jpg 08-Apr-2015 19:00 836K
  TomachiAndTheKingGeorgeClintonBackstageBeforeTheShow-2015-04-08 20.27.22.jpg 08-Apr-2015 19:00 2.1M
  TomBackstageGeorgeClintonDuringTriptonites-2015-04-08 08.32.49.mp4 08-Apr-2015 18:58 34M
  TomBackstageGeorgeClintonSingingSettleDown-2015-04-08 08.33.55.mp4 08-Apr-2015 18:57 25M
  Mexico-2015-04-08 08.49.17.mp4  (SUPPORT ACT) 08-Apr-2015 18:56 126M
  KaraGordonTriptonites-2015-04-08 20.41.42.jpg 08-Apr-2015 18:54 2.5M
  KaraGordonTriptonites-2015-04-08 20.41.45.jpg 08-Apr-2015 18:54 2.6M
  KaraGordonTriptonites-2015-04-08 20.41.51.jpg 08-Apr-2015 18:54 2.6M
  KaraGordonTriptonites-2015-04-08 20.41.55.jpg 08-Apr-2015 18:54 2.8M
  KaraGordonTriptonites-2015-04-08 20.41.59.jpg 08-Apr-2015 18:53 2.7M
  KaraGordonTriptonites-2015-04-08 20.42.03.jpg 08-Apr-2015 18:53 2.7M
  KaraGordonTriptonites-2015-04-08 20.42.06.jpg 08-Apr-2015 18:53 2.6M
  GiveUsTheFunk-2015-04-08 09.16.52.mp4 08-Apr-2015 18:53 104M
  IfYouHearAnyNoiseItsJustMeAndTheBoys-2015-04-08 09.17.55.mp4 08-Apr-2015 18:50 33M
  FrankZappaTribute2015-04-08 09.39.03.mp4 08-Apr-2015 18:47 57M
  AintThatFunkyOneOfClintonsDaughtersDopeAsTunes-2015-04-08 09.52.09.mp4 08-Apr-2015 18:47 75M
  FlashlightPants-2015-04-08 10.00.55.mp4 08-Apr-2015 18:45 170M
  TrumpetSoloSoundsLikeJamesBrown-2015-04-08 10.03.52.mp4 08-Apr-2015 18:44 114M
  RedMammaFromLouisianna-2015-04-08 10.46.15.mp4 08-Apr-2015 18:40 281M
  FrontOfStage-2015-04-08 22.17.44.jpg 08-Apr-2015 18:39 2.0M
  FrontOfStage-2015-04-08 22.17.48.jpg 08-Apr-2015 18:39 2.4M
  IfYouJustGiveSomeToMe-2015-04-08 10.39.20.mp4 08-Apr-2015 18:39 72M
  ShotsOfTheDrummerBenzel-2015-04-08 11.11.52.mp4 08-Apr-2015 18:37 322M
  TomAndPFunkRapper-2015-04-08 23.00.05.jpg 08-Apr-2015 18:31 832K
  TomAndPFunkRapper-2015-04-08 23.00.07.jpg 08-Apr-2015 18:31 818K
  LongShotFromMixingDesk-2015-04-08 11.06.49.mp4 08-Apr-2015 18:31 45M
  SnoopDog-2015-04-08 11.15.35.mp4 08-Apr-2015 18:29 209M
  BigFinaliFromTheBalcony-2015-04-08 11.20.45.mp4 08-Apr-2015 18:25 90M
  ItsChaosOnstage-Mia-2015-04-08 23.17.02.jpg 08-Apr-2015 18:22 1.3M
  ItsChaosOnstage-Mia-2015-04-08 23.17.06.jpg 08-Apr-2015 18:22 1.2M
  ItsChaosOnstage-Mia-2015-04-08 23.17.10.jpg 08-Apr-2015 18:22 1.6M
  ItsChaosOnstage-Mia-2015-04-08 23.17.16.jpg 08-Apr-2015 18:22 1.5M
  ItsChaosOnstage-Mia-2015-04-08 23.17.19.jpg 08-Apr-2015 18:22 1.6M
  ItsChaosOnstage-Mia-2015-04-08 23.17.22.jpg 08-Apr-2015 18:22 1.6M
  ItsChaosOnstage-Mia-2015-04-08 23.17.25.jpg 08-Apr-2015 18:22 1.5M
  ItsChaosOnstage-Mia-2015-04-08 23.17.29.jpg 08-Apr-2015 18:22 1.6M
  ItsChaosOnstage-Mia-2015-04-08 23.17.32.jpg 08-Apr-2015 18:22 1.6M
  ItsChaosOnstage-Mia-2015-04-08 23.17.36.jpg 08-Apr-2015 18:22 1.7M
  ItsChaosOnstage-Mia-2015-04-08 23.17.40.jpg 08-Apr-2015 18:21 1.5M
  TriptoniteFullSong-2015-04-08 08.41.28.mp4 (SUPPORT ACT) 08-Apr-2015 19:05 268M

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