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In discussions soon with Lex Fridman, hopefully will be able to get him on the stream one day soon.

#003 and #004 came into existence recently.

Epi_003 Soundcheck of five tracks – one third way through my set: live external MIDI, drums, synth

Half of ‘So Dance’, C r a p p y House Tune, Finale Ule, Da Herbal Nite, Skanky Funk, and a little piece of I’m Native (feat. 612):

01:10 Running line checks and bringing up the backing track
01:55 “So Dance” or more likely “Dance like yer from the hood” is what I’d like to call this track. Working title is “All Night Long” but that is also a Lionel Richie track.
03:47 “Crappy House Tune” is the working title for this hard house track, written in London UK in 2006. Today I have the external MIDI hooked up to my mono synth (Arturia Microbrute). Pity about the camera angle for most of it.
05:41 It’s humming along now. Maybe this is the video should actually start. Fingers can be seen twiddling dials.
07:51 Drums kick in. Loudly.

Epi_004 I’m uploading 10,000 tracks as playlist for my new WeFunkFM automated radio station!
Stay tuned for the URL. It’s not live yet. This is exact moment I noticed my new install of the Libretime open-source radio station audio streaming server went live! Thanks to Kovi for the HP Studio machine it is going to be running from 24/7 all going to plan. It’s an Ubuntu server on bare metal. It is not available publicly yet, currently doing burn-in testing of the playlist and schedule (could be for months, me perfectionist). Will be available in 320 kbps and 96 kbps formats at some stage si the plan. Make it happen sooner by becoming a Patron?! I could use a donation of gigabit switch _ ethernet cable + extra servers are always handy!

When I go live by video the audio will also be running through this icecast server (URL TBC).

The track you can hear is:
What A Sensation (Sensational Beats) by KenLou:

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