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Karma Coma

Karma - you don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand the principle. I'm not a very spiritual person, in fact my beleif is in a complex deterministic universe bound by the laws of physics (Chaos Theory). Karma fits perfectly into Chaos theory. What goes around comes around - like Newtons law of every action having an equal and opposite action. Recently, an evil fundamentalist shared with us all some of his pain and suffering - wants us to share it - and we did.

So... don't waste time feeling sad and angry - these are lower brain functions based in an evolutionary history founded millions of years ago in the age of Fight or Flight. Use your higher brain (cerebral cortex) - control your mind - suppress your immediate anger, and focus on educating those who aren't as onto it as us. Lets wipe out ignorance not through killing, but through behavior modification and learning. Share your dream of peace with others, it should spread.

The question for me is not "Why did they do this?", but "What modifications to all fundamentalist religions are needed?". Is it wrong to hate hate? Think back to South Afica - was Apartheid wrong? Yes. Is racism wrong? Yes. Whats wrong with Islam? Is a religion untouchable? What about Scientology? Its not a fact, its just my opinion.

Fri 12 Oct
  The Mad Professor   St James Theatre Bar, Queen St.
Sat 10th Nov
  The Roughness and Trinity Roots with MC Slave Log   Galatos Bar, 17 Galatos St, Newton.

Mad Professor Unofficial Website

I'm enchanted by the Mad Professor.

There is something about him I can't put my finger on.

I saw him play at Sweetwaters 1999 - looked like he had an 8-track analogue console which he was using to coalesce effects out of the drum tracks when needed. For example, if The Prof spotted someone in the crowd "wigging out" so to speak, he would notice this and increase the delay feedback, and the whole room would go whooooosh bang-ang-ang-ang! Try that on a Casiotone!


Site o' the day:
Unofficial Homepage. Thats where I got the pic above.

Picture o' the day:
Here you can see the New Zeland contribution to the war effort:

War is such a waste of money

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